Monday, September 20, 2010

Alpha, Beta, Gamma

Last Friday night, unbeknownst to Justin and I, we had a Frat party at our casa.
{keep in mind this picture was taken after we had picked up half of it}

The boys were in bed at 9, and WIRED.
Just and I were downstairs and TIRED.
The boys were not unusually loud upstairs while we watched a movie.
Eventually, Justin went up to check on them and to get everyone in their own beds to sleep.
He came back down, {making no mention of anything out of the ordinary} and fell asleep on the couch around 10, while I stayed up to finish the movie and doinga little reading. At midnight I shook my sleeping husband awake to go upstairs to bed.
I walk into the boys room to check on them before I went to sleep for the night and when I walked in I about died from laughter.
Maxwell is on the opposite end of his bed with one arm hanging off and Evan was half off his bed, standing on the floor with his upper body and head laying on his bed. Not to mention it looked like a minor bomb had gone off in their room.
I burst out in laughter.
It was quite the sight.
I pick up a few things and re-arrange Max and Evan in their beds.
It's then that I look into Liams crib and notice he is BUCK naked from the waist down. His pants are strewn on the side of the crib and NOW I notice his diaper on the floor.
What happened in here tonight?!
I about die laughing as I put Liams diaper back on {thank goodness he didn't go in the crib at all} quickly and leave so I don't wake up the party animals, and head back to our room and pass out into our bed.

the end.

oh, and ps- I'm also happy to report there were no hangovers the next morning.

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Danielle said...

A few weeks ago we too discovered Owen completely naked from the wait down and asleep in his bed. Yikes! Glad we checked on them again! You can never check enough!