Monday, November 15, 2010

the 2nd trimester is so close I can smell it.

{ 7:50 this morning...taken with cell...does NOT do the beautiful morning fog justice.}
SO... this pregnancy has brought about some interesting changes.

1. The thought of drinking up a cup of coffee makes me ill. I NEVER in a million years would think that would happen. Can't do it though...

2. Can't have chocolate either. GROSS.

3. Can't cook meat. makes me feel so ill...we've been having a lot of vegetarian dishes lately.

4. I've been craving dried apricots. I also want a MARGARITA like an alcoholic.

5. I have never been so exhausted or felt so l-a-z-y in all of my life. I slept 11 hours straight recently. Felt SO good.


Sarah G. said...

Sounds very similar. It just might be a girl this time, but then again every pregnancy is different. I pray for excellent health for you, baby, and the Fam.

Danielle said...

Oh yeah, I was like that with coffee with all my pregnancies. All two of them. :) And tired. Of course. Hope you feel better soon! It's always nice with the gag reflex isn't so active!

Ashleigh said...

I threw up coffee with this one so many times! I think I'm finally past throwing it up. Oh, and have you tried the non-alcoholic margarita mix (Costco sells it)? Not quite the same, but it at least offers some of the taste.

Amy said...

I can totally relate to all of these right down to the margarita!! I'm sure I'm not the one you want to hear that from, given my history of BOYS. :) And I mean to say that I can relate--when I'm pregnant--which I'm not!!


Anonymous said...

So funny-I had the first three things as well! I was so scared that I wouldn't ever want coffee again-it does come back! :)

The last one-I wanted a pina cola really bad numerous days! yum!

Hang in there!


Annika said...

Wow, seems like coffee is a popular one! I'm so relieved because it's helped me kick my SB habit!! Haha. Hoping that one doesn't come back. And I'm with you on the meat...I can eat meat if it's prepared for me...but the prep makes me gag so much. Can't do it. And I'm craving oranges. What's up with that??? I eat 1-2 a day. Weird. Seriously, though, I thought 2nd trimester wasn't until 14 weeks?? Am I totally wrong on that?

anne said...

No, you are right Annika!!! If I said otherwise CLEARLY my mind is not working correctly...not sure if it ever is.
Yeah, kicking the Starbys addiction is a good thing! :)