Thursday, December 02, 2010

2. {two}

oh Liamster. You are two?!

liam edward. 12.4.2008
{2 days old.}
What a joy you have been from the day you were born.
{8 months}
You are so sweet, so independent, and yet you love warm up to people so quickly.
Happy Birthday Liam!
{1st Birthday!}
My little L-man has grown into quite the toddler! You are one tough cookie. People always comment when they see you take a spill on a sidewalk or a crash into something. You never cry unless you were really hurt. o
Liam all decked out.
{26 months}
You are simply adorable. You have a smile that KILLS.
Liam in front
{33 months }
You crack us up with your silly ways, pretending your a cat, doing a crazy laugh.
silly boy {12.1.2010}

silly {12.1.2010}

check out those teeth {12.1.2010}

eye roll {12.1.2010}

hey you {12.1.2010}

slip of the tongue {12.1.2010}
Being pregnant with your little brother {or} sister, I have been not feeling well and been so tired during this first trimester. After we take Max to school, you, Evan, and I snuggle on the coach together and watch a litte morning cartoons. You guys watch...I cat nap. It is a wonderful time though. The three of us huddled together under a blanket. A sweet memory, that is for sure.

I could not imagine life without you, our third sweet, happy baby boy. You have brought such joy to our family and we are so excited to see you grow.

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet boy!
Your Mama.


Danielle said...

Happy b-day L-man!! :)

Amy said...

He is so, so adorable with those amazing eyes and dimples. Love your sweet words.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to our sweet grandson who says more without words than many do with them. Grandpa and I love you so much!