Wednesday, January 05, 2011

18 weeks


18 weeks.
CRAZY. Nearly halfway done with the pregnancy already.
In the next few weeks we will also be finding out the sex of this little one.

I won't lie.

I am SUPER anxious. We even talked about not finding out, but I don't think I could take it...not knowing.

I long for a daughter, I always have. I'll even admit I have a small girl stash, which has dwindled a bit with friends having girls, but I've held on to my absolute favorites.

Don't get me wrong, my 3 boys have brought such joy to our home and though I don't think I expected to have three sons, here they are and I thank God for each one of them,their tender hearts, their differences,love for sports, and each of their personalities.

God has a plan. He's always known what our family would look like. Who would be a part of this family and for how long.
So I trust him. I am excited to have a new baby. He knows what is in store for us... girl or boy.

And you know what? There is great comfort and joy in just knowing that.


Mike, Torie and Boys said...

I am excited to find out what you are having.

Danielle said...

Having just gone through similar feelings before we found out we were having Sophia, I totally get it. I really feared that if I'd had found out I was having another boy I'd struggle with it. I'll be praying God will give you the desire of your heart. :) And also that you will continue having comfort and joy no matter what the Lord's plans. :)

Melody said...

You CANNOT be that far along already! Will you just post a baby bump pic so I can really believe it? I told Chad I have such a hard time wrapping my mind around this pregnancy ... guess we need to see you! I CAN'T wait to find out either.

Amy said...

You look so adorable!! I can't believe you're so far along!

This post mimics what's in my heart--even though I'm not preg.

"But Christian know that we are not at the mercy of chance. A loving hand, a great wisdom, and an omnipotent power rule our destiny. The government of all is on the mighty shoulders if Christ Himself, who sees all long before it happens." E.E.

Can't wait to hear!!
Much love.

Annika said...

Ditto. Thinking of you as we both get closer to finding out...think blue for me and I'll think pink for you! ;) Haha, people always say to me, "We'll pray for a boy" and I wonder, isn't it already decided? I usually ask them to pray instead for my heart, that I would not be disappointed with another girl. (And that Jack will not be devastated to have another sister. :) ) I think it's good to find out now because if I am a bit disappointed at first I wouldn't want that feeling in the delivery room, you know? Anyhow....cute pic. Looks very familiar! :)

Shannon Goran said...

david says if you guys have a girl then illinois will go to the final four. I think your odds are better than that!