Sunday, March 20, 2011


st.pats2011, originally uploaded by olives on a monday.

At school Maxwell's teacher played a little joke on the kids when they came back from lunch on St. Patrick's Day. She had pulled a card {they have 5 cards, and have to pull one when they aren't listening, or are talking too much, etc...} from each of their names and told them a leprechaun had been there and taken them.
Well Maxwell ate it all up and all the talk after school was of leprechauns. What do they like to eat? Why do they love green so much? How are they so fast?
Later that evening and after giving Evan an earful of his Leperchaun knowledge Evan wanted to find one. So off they went in search of 4 leaf clovers {see picture} and to catch a Leprechan, under rocks behind bushes {Max even swore he saw one quickly bound away} and soon Evan is shouting;
"Lep- RE- CHAUN! Where are you? I need to see you!"
"SHHHushh, " Max says." They will just run away if you yell for them. You have to sneak up on them."
It was quite humorous and I SO wish my flip had been chraged so I could have taken a video. Regardless a great memory for this mother on St. Patrick's Day 2011.


Anonymous said...

That is so hilarious!

Dad said...

You mean you can't see them ?


Amy said...

So cute!

Bethany said...

That is so cute. What fun.