Sunday, June 26, 2011

the six of us.

There are 6 {six} of us.
I think part of me is in denial, I don't feel like there are six of us, that I have 4 boys {!!!} but it's reality.

I'll be honest, having a 4th boy was a hard pill for me to swallow.{ Of course as soon as I saw Dex's sweet face I didn't have a care in the world that he was another boy, I was in love and completely smitten.} It really
was hard for me to deal with having four boys in my home, stiking it up, tracking mud everywhere, and wrestling matches.
Now though, I couldn't imagine it any other way. It just works...and God knew it all along...what he had in store for us, and it is good.

Declan has been a DREAM of a newborn, he sleeps well at night, and is a quiet baby...just taking the three brothers in I suppose. He is so tiny {to us}, so delicate, so sweet. The newborn smiles have begun and I love soaking in each one. And though I really loathe nursing, I do love those sweet moments after he has finished and is awake, laying there and we just look at each other. It is a sweet moment that is hard to explain.

With each new baby we've had I would say each baby has gotten easier to handle. Partly it is experience, but I also think each boy has seemed to accomadate to life in this world a little easier.

I know my emotions are ALL over the place, losing my mind over some toys lying around when they should be put away, having no clue what we are going to have for dinner tonight...heck, all week, feeling like a obese whale...that is no longer pregnant, and so on. You don't want to hear it, you may want to have me commited.

Some days are completely INSANE, and have moments where I think we are the worst parents EVER, and that we CANNOT handle this,Justin has a deadline in a few weeks at work and has been extremely busy,{so I savor the late nights we have together alone...catching up on our new favorite series, Doc Martin} so we haven't seen too much of him. Mostly though it is good. REALLY good. The boys get along with one another quite well and I am excited to see them grow up together.

Max is an great eldest son. He is such a first born, so responsible, so caring, so compliant. He will do and will do most anything I ask. He is SO incredibly helpful to me. The best thing he has been doing though is in the mornings. He has been taking Evan and Liam downstairs and gives them breakfast. I remember coming down the first morning he gave them breakfast and he said to me ; " MOM! I coooked breakfast for me, Evan and Liam!" He had gotten out the toaster and bread and made them all a piece...the best part was there was no butter or jam on the toast and all 3 gobbled them up.

Evan wants to hold Declan ALL DAY LONG. He is really in love with Declan. He is so funny because he is such a people pleaser. He does not like to see others upset and tries to make them happy as soon as possible{usually}. A few days ago he was sitting with Declan and Dex started to cry and Evan came into the laundry room saying he needed to change his shirt because Dex was scared of it. It had a shark on it. :) {pretty sweet}

Liam....Liamster, Liamster, Liamster. Quite the character that one. His vocabulary
has grown so much in the last few weeks. He has been cracking Justin and I up with some of his witty phrases. And while he was scared to even come near Declan the first week or so and now he is so great at finding his paci when he is upset, and will come and kiss him at random moments. He is quite gentle and realizes that he is fragile...something I was a bit nervous about, but the kid has quite surprised me. Let's just pray he doesn't turn on me! :) is good.It is crazy, often feels like total chaos {like when I find three of my necklaces outside in the mud and "inside" toys strewn all over our yard making me feel like we are two steps away from full on hillbilies...just need some missing teeth, which I may soon have as my dentist has been harassing me for weeks with calls to come in for a cleaning }...but overall it is great. Really great, and I thank God for this little {big} family of ours.


Bethany said...

Your boys are sweet and so adorable looking. Seriously you make some handsome boys. I will be right there with you soon with four boys. Granted I do have a girl in the mix but let me tell you she is quite the mess maker too....sometimes more than the boys.

I'll be praying for you everyday. I know how hard dealing with all those hormones can be and the emotional ups and downs. I've been feeling that a lot this pregnancy so I am pretty nervous about the postpartum part. Hang in there girl.

Also know that miles and miles away there is another momma with things like 12 broken windows at once. Outside toys brought inside and getting dirt all over her couch and her favorite vase in pieces on the floor. Oh yes and my house is stinky smelling too and don't even get me started on how many toilet seats those said boys have ruined with their non stop pee spray. But those same boys (as I am sure yours do too) are the first to hug their momma, shower me with kisses, help me out, protect me and melt my heart all at once.

Love ya friend. PS your birth announcement was adorable and I loved the quote.

Bethany said...

I've been watching Doc Martin too and think it is hilarious. I like to watch during my late night insomnia so that at least I am laughing instead of crying.

PS there is a good movie that we watched on Netflix streaming called Stone of Destiny that you would probably like. We cut our cable and live to far up the mountain to get local channels on digital box so its internet or netflix for us. My sisters and I have all been trading emails on what to watch on the instant. It has been helpful as there are so many bad movies on there. HA HA

Kimberly said...

Oh, I can only imagine the chaos! But I bet those sweet moments in between make it a little easier to breathe. I am going to be joining you in the ranks of crazy lady soon. I never do newborns well and two is sure to break me in some new way I didn't know I needed breaking.

Love you! And those boys are so sweet:) Declan is adorable.

Oh and my Justin's work schedule as of this week is nutso. He will probably only be in the hospital with me the first day. I've cried many tears at the thought. Maybe we need a phone date!


Annika said...

Seriously, DITTO to this! :) Total chaos pretty much sums up our life these days...I had a coffee tonight and it did NOTHING for sad is that? I'm so sleep deprived that caffeine can't do its thing??? :) Think of you often. Hang in there!!

Danielle said...

I only have TWO boys and it's crazy! I'll definitely keep you in my prayers. I'm glad Declan is an easy baby for you. And yes, the announcement was so cute!

Amy said...

Just finding this glad to get a little window into your life. I've been so curious how the transition is going. And I had to laugh at finding your necklaces outside--several of mine have been unknowingly sacrificed to various projects in the last week. :)

As my mom says, the days are long, but the years are short. Praying for you!

Love you,