Friday, December 02, 2011

three {liam via iPhone}

Liam, You are 3!!!!
Liam and Cardenas - best buds
{Liam and one of his best buds, Caeden}

The last three years have flown by

A lego cake was very appropriate, and you were more than thrilled to lay your eyes on this. I had all these wonderful Ideas of making you a lego brick cake,but quickly realized that due to sickness and the craziness of life I better just order one from a bakery...from someone who ACTUALLY knows how to decorate a cake...I just added the little bricks...and you loved it.

You, Dad, and Evan{poor Max was sick} spent the majority of the evening playing wii. {notice remote in hand}
You, Evan, and I went to get a Christmas tree together while Dad stayed home with a sick Declan and Max. We had a fun time running through the trees, finding a tree to take home.
This year { started on your birthday} I decided to start a new tradition on Birthdays. The day of your birthday you get to run through a doorway of streamers. You thought it was so cool, but didn't quite get what to you did this:

Finally with a little help from your older brother Evan, you got it..and you were giggles for quite awhile!

You are such a joy,our thirdborn son. You have a sweet smile, and a kind spirit {most of the time} and all love your brothers dearly. You love other people, especially the crossing guard at Max and Evan"s school.As we cross the road to walk up to the school, he guides us and you wave and say hi over and over the whole length of the street. You also love to have your window down when we go to the bank or Starbucks drive-thru so you can say hi to whomever is working. We are so thankful for you and your fun crazy personality.

Doctor's office

Happy 3rd Birthday Liamster!



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