Thursday, January 24, 2013

{fruit cake}

Growing up, we would see my Dad's family one day in December. And on that day we'd eat, exchange gifts, laugh and have fun. My Father and my Aunt Lo have had an ongoing "exchange" of a fruitcake. The thing is, one doesn't merely just hand over the fruitcake. NO, they cleverly hide it so that they make sure the fruitcake goes home with them and doesn't "accidentally" get left behind. So with the birth of Griffin in November, we didn't make any travels up North for Christmas and instead had everyone come to us. My parents came a few weeks before Christmas to celebrate with us, and were headed home on a Saturday afternoon. My parents fly standby because my brother works for an airline and so if there is no seats, they don't make a flight. Soon after I took them to airport I get a call asking to pick them up because their flight was delayed which would make them late for their connection so they were just going to fly out Sunday morning instead. I pick them up and my Dad tells me he was asked some questions in security. As their bags are being scanned they see a strange object in my Dad's suitcase. They run it through a second time, and the third time they pull out a small package wrapped in Justin Beiber paper. "what is this?" -TSA agent asks. My Dad looks at my Mom, "what is that?" "must be from Anne, look at the paper!" she replies. They scan it one more time and let them through. And what was in that Bieber wrapped goodness you ask? fruitcake. {keeping tradition year I plan to get my brother ;) }

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