Thursday, February 27, 2014

life with 5 boys.

Anybody out there?

I've never been good at keeping a journal and looks like this online journal thing hasn't been working out for a few years.

Right now our days are filled with lots of activity.

Max, in 4th grade and Evan in 2nd our mornings begin at 6:45 as I pull off the blankets the boys are so comfortably snuggled in. They don't like it, but it's works.

Max is pretty good at getting right up, and getting ready and headed down for a quick bowl of cereal before we need to leave. Evan on the other hand, he's a whole other story. A lot of stomping and crabbing, usually, "I don't want to go to school" is in there somewhere but soon we get out the door.

Back at home the little guys and I usually enjoy a quiet morning. I have to say I usually really enjoy the mornings. Liam and Declan are currently on a serious toast with jam addiction and I'm happy to supply such an easy breakfast!

Griffin is usually very busy, getting a lot of action in before his morning nap.

While Griff naps, I usually run on treadmill while Declan and Liam play. I get a quick shower in and

If you know me at all, I am not one to sit at home. I need to leave my house on a daily basis.  I know I could knock out a lot of errands in one day, but I like to space them. Target run one day, Trader Joes another. If we have no errands to run the boys and I will think of something fun to do like the park or just a fun drive around town.

School is out at 2:45, and most days I pick boys up. If it's nice out we walk but otherwise they walk down the hill from school and hop in the Suburban. I hear all about their days, good and bad, and we head home.

Back at home, I clean, boys work on homework, maybe watch a lithe TV, go outside if it's nice enough and I start getting dinner ready.

After dinner we usually watch Family Feud together. It sounds so elderly... but everyone gets so into it. It's a fun to watch together.  Soon it's bedtime prep. Brush teeth and into bed for all. Most nights there is a lot of goofing off, but eventually all settle down.

Max and Evan ask me to come talk to them in their room. I try to do it most of the time, because it's precious time. They share their hearts, sometimes just silly stories but I love those times.

When we are all out we get a lot of comments,'
"5 boys?"
"Your hands sure are full!"
"You are so brave"
 I could go on.

Having 5 kids, just kind of happened. Justin and I are very fly by the seat of our pants kind of people. Sure we like to plan things, like having a savings account, college funds, dream about what our life looks like down the road, but mostly we are just living life day by day.

There are many times I feel like a complete failure as a parent. There are days I could rip all my hair out, the boys are just so darn needy, whiny, having attitudes and fighting.  But these are also days where I see most my selfishness, when I lose control because I'm not happy with how things are going, or they are not behaving in a way I want them too. Kids are great at showing how sinful you really are.

Parenting is also insanely beautiful.

Babies are so fun, it goes by so fast, but the innocent sweetness of a baby is just so precious.
Toddlers are fun to play with, they laugh, they cuddle, they need their Mama.
Pre-schoolers have so much to say, you really begin to see who they are, and usually still need their mama. :)
I'm in the elementary age with my oldest two, and they are pretty opposite. Max is more reserved , he is very compliant {usually} and does what needs to do with little complaining. Evan however is very active, likes to do things his way and will get what he needs to do done, but there is usually lots of distractions before it gets done.
I'm looking forward to, but also very scared for their older years. A lot of changes, and attitudes, and smelly, sweaty boys. I am praying they will always know they can count on Just and I, that they can always talk to us and that we have a lot of fun, and they develop a deep love for Jesus.
Oh, I pray he grabs hold of their little hearts!

When I entered parenthood almost 10 years ago, I had NO clue. All of my expectations, my ideas of what it was like were WAY different than it actually is. It's been messy, it's been hard, it's been eye opening, and it's been fun, it's been joyful, and it's taught me so much.

If I planned out my life I would NEVER have seen myself with 5 kids, let alone 5 boys. But God has always known the plan for us. To turn me on my head and give me these sons for raise up.

I pray I will seek his guidance, cry out to him in prayer as I pray as they grow. That I may raise them to be good husbands, great fathers, and that they may see in Justin and I the love for Jesus that is better than anything else in this world.

It's a big responsibility God has given to us with this boys, and while I'm deathly scared, I am so excited for the journey!


Danielle said...

Loved this post! Hard to believe when I began following your blog you had one, ONE son!

I see we're opposites. My favorite days are days where we don't go ANYWHERE! Ha ha!

My friend with 5 always says, when people say "your hand are full": "Yes they are, full of love!"

I only have three kids and I get comments too, can you believe that!? "Are they ALL yours?" Um, yes, all three of them!

sarah said...

My parenting experience is so similar to yours, except I've got the girl angle and one less. ;) My oldest two sound like the girl versions of Max and Evan. I often still feel like I don't know what I'm doing but I'm working hard to recognize God in my heart and follow that guidance. Loved reading this, Anne!

sarah said...

Loved reading this! I can relate in so many ways, except I have the girl version of things, and one less ;)

vdhkids said...

Looking for the "like" button. You are doing such a great job, Anne.

Baby Crazy said...

Love this. So true. I am the opposite, I prefer to stay home. It's so hard and I just have 3. Miss you.

Betsi* said...

Happy I stumbled upon your blog through a happy accident. I have five boys as well, ages 13, 11, 8, 3 and 5 weeks. I could have written this. Congratulations on your expected baby girl! I understand that desire.