Wednesday, November 23, 2005

" I wish the bald eagle had not been chosen as the representative of our country...The turkey is a much more respectable bird." -Benjamin Franklin

Life feels like a rollercoaster so often, but if most of us think about it we have it pretty good. Even if we have been through some tough stuff, I always think to myself it could be worse. This this list is not complete by any means, it could be pages long and I am sure you want to read it as much as I want to type it. Here are some of the things I am most thankful for...

my Savior Jesus Christ, who has shown me he is the only way the complete truth, and my only hope for life. A life I will share with him in Heaven someday to glorify and enjoy him forever!

my husband Justin Robert,who is the leader in our home, a wonderful father, always laughs with me, is always there for me whenever I need him.

my firstborn son Maxwell Jared, who has not been sick once since he has been born (what a blessing that has been), is so adorable, and a talker like me so we always have a blast together. I would not trade my everydays with him for anything!

my parents, who rock!
My Mom has such passion for Christ, is wonderful with reaching out to others, and a fabulous cook.
My Dad, (the man who is an expert in everything, well if he does not know he can make something up that sounds really good!) is an incredible Doctor, who many love and respect, as do I .

my brothers, Alec, Carl, and Peter.
Alec and are close, talk about anything, and tease each other well, If you have a computer problem, Alec is your man.
Carl and I have this understanding between us so that we need to say no words. He is REALLY into music, and an amazing writer.
Peter, my baby brother who slept on the floor in my room every night until I went to college is so fun. He is a great skateboarder and wants to be a pirate...I don't get it either...I think he saw Pirates of the Caribbean one too many times.

my in-laws.
My father-in-law, John, a man I respect so much, who has the most gentle heart, has given me so much guidance and helped me through tough times in my life.
My mother-in-law, Jane, the best at scrapbookerI know has the best sense of humor, and shares an understanding with me about those Swanson men! She has been so great to me.
Jared, I am so thankful for him, an incredible friend, in my college days he and I would chat on the phone about everything and anything, he was always ready to listen.
Julia, the best nurse I know, is so kind and has so much love for others.
Jordan, besides the fact he always breaks something when he comes over I am always so happy when he comes. He has a compassionate heart and is always talking, he has some fun stories. Joelle, who reminds me of myself when I was her age, has INCREDIBLE fashion sense and the best personality. That girl could open a music store with all the CD's she owns.
Jaimee Grace. Maxwell's best bud, she is always willing to play with him. She has given us so many of her art masterpieces. She is quite the artist, and I always have something from her on the fridge.

my extended family, all the Swansons, Van Dinters, Thomsens, Wojciechowski's, Melchers, Heidkamps, Tantillo's, Boss's, Zoefel's, and Schmits.

my Aunt Sue and Uncle Don who were like a second set of parents to me growing up. They are both so hospitable, humble, kind, and generous. I will never forget getting my mouth washed out with soap though!

my best friends( and cousins) in the world, Nicole and Vanessa. Nicole and I are only a month apart, Nessa a year older. Nicole and I were married a week apart, and talk so fast to each other our husbands often get confused. Vanessa is soooo good about talking with me and checking to see how I am, as she does Nicole too, she is such a great listener. We always have a blast the three of us! And, their husbands rock too! The six of us can always have fun together!

my dear friend Sara who is also my neighbor. It is so nice to have someone so close, to grab a cup of coffee and just chat about nothing and everything. She is also a fabulous shopping buddy! I can't help but wonder... (he he, I had to through that in Sara!) Kevin rocks too!

old friends who do such a great job keeping in contact with me, because sometimes, I am not so good at that. Thanks you guys, you know who you are.

to be able to live in this country with all the freedoms I have. I am thankful for a roof over my head, plenty to eat, more than enough clothes to wear, and all the other luxuries I do not need but have.

I have so much to be thankful for, and I thank God that he has blessed me so much.


bluecollar said...


May You and your family have a great Thanksgiving!

Mark D. Pierson

loren said...

Hi Anne,

Hope your Thanksgiving was blessed. It's special when there's kids involved.

Shawn L said...


Wow this is great and thankful. There is so much to be thankful for.

Anonymous said...

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