Wednesday, March 26, 2008

18, almost 19...I mean almost 20 months!

This morning after I got you out of bed your promptly went to the bathroom to "brush" your teeth. You get out your toothbrush and toothpaste and eat the toothpaste. Don't worry it is the kind that is safe to swallow. You are so addicted. When you were done with that you scurried into your bedroom and into Maxwell's closet and soon appeared wearing his shoes. You have a thing for shoes. I have never seen a kid love shoes so much. In fact we have been up for two hours and you still have them on. Even after I got you dressed and took them off, you put them back on. You are so weird.
The differences between you and Max amazes me. Maxwell is more like your Daddy, and you more so resemble my personality. Crazy. Good crazy though. :) You are willing to try about anything, and have no fear. At Uncle Chad and Aunt Mel's one evening you literally dove off the back of their couch crashing into the hardwood floor. You bawled, but 10 minutes later you were ready to give it another go.
When you play you are all boy. Although the other day you were pushing a stroller around at the are into anything with wheels. You love finding anything that resembles a stick- including my spatulas, and hitting things with it. Hockey perhaps? Golf?
Maxwell and you play so well together, most of the time. At least once a day, sometimes many more there is screaming and then you two are death gripping one another shoulders and wrestling to the ground. You know what buttons to push on Maxwell, and you do. You love to approach him while he is deep in play concentration and grab one of the toys and take off. You live for the chase, and you giggle the whole way until you usually trip over your own feet and crash to the ground, and Maxwell prys it from your hands and you lay there, no doubt plotting your next move.
You recently became VERY attached to the blanket Ashleigh made for you. You take it everywhere and won't sleep without it. You cover yourself up with it, from head to toe. You have started to sleep with the blanket over you head, something I also do, and I could not be more pleased. I think it is adorable that you love that puppy blanket, and it is just the perfect size to carry. You love it.
Your dance skills still continue to improve, and recently you have added a new shoulder neck move that looks like you have had professional training. When the music plays you are ready to go.
You also "talk" on the cell phone like you are running some large corporation. Cracks me up.
One of my most favorite things about you, and something I always treasure, is cuddling. You are a cuddly, when you are tired, or worn out. You will climb up by me and cuddle, covering up with your blankie, and a lot of times will lay your head on my shoulder. And then my heart melts. I know I should cherish this time as it will soon pass, and I do.
You are so kind to strangers, always saying hello and goodbye to people. You carry on conversations with people with such excitement it almost seems like they understand you. You are a leader and very independent. A few weeks ago at a playground with Maxwell's friend Camryn you were running all over, doing your own thing. Camryn and Maxwell played together and with the other kids but you were not about to follow a bunch of older kids around, they would have to follow you! You were fearless on that playground!
I have never seen a kid eat with such excitement! You gobble food up faster than I have ever seen a child do because you have activities to get back to. It is so opposite of Maxwell who could sit at dinner for hours if we didn't remind him to keep eating so we could get on with our lives.
You also have recently been obsessed with sunglasses, and you look like one cool cat when you wear them. You so want to be older. You want to ride a bike, wear big boy shoes, drive the car, climb a mountain, and it makes me appreciate your toddler years all the more.
I love you sweet boy, and even though a lot of days I feel as if I am in survival mode rather than relishing each sweet moment we have, know this; that you have won my heart a million times over, and you know that you have your Daddy and I wrapped around your little chubby finger.


Bethany said...

Oh this was such a sweet post. What a cutie. Lovin the toothpaste so adorable. Your post reminds me of Jude....must be those second borns are fearless and love to do their own thing.

I CANNOT BELIEVE he is already 20 months!!!!!!!!! Where did the time go.

Anonymous said...

He is so so so cute! I could just eat him up! What is it about little boys that makes them so darn cute! Love the pictures. Isn't cuddling the best? I can only cuddle my boys when they're tired too. They're already on the go and have no time for cuddles unless they're worn out! Enjoy them!

Anonymous said...

You're a great mom, Anne. Those boys are lucky, and they'll really appreciate you some day.

Anonymous said...

aww, this was really sweet.

There is something about the second born being fearlesss, I do agree! I think it's really that they have no choice :-)

Sarah said...

I am sorry to say that I'm a second born and definitely not fearless. Goes against the theory, but that's me! It's my brother, the first born, who's fearless in this family.

Anyway, that was such a sweet letter to Evan...what a great boy God blessed you with. 20 months, though? Wow!

Ashleigh said...

What great pictures, Anne!