Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What is that thing?

Today the boys and I went to the mall to meet a friend and her daughter for lunch.
As we were leaving Evan got a glimpse of none other than...
The Easter Bunny...
and he was big.
Evan stops dead in his tracks. Staring with the widest eyes I have ever seen. I wasn't sure if he was going to run up to that rabbit giggling with his arms wide open or take off the other way in fear.
Instead he found the nearest large freestanding item and hid. All the while he kept his eyes on that thing. There was no way that thing was getting to close! He had some inspectin' to do before that thing was getting near him. It was hillarious. I picked him up and put him in the stroller and he just stared, not sure what to think.
I love this kid...he thinks just like me. Max hadthis look on his face like seeing the Easter Bunny was an everyday occurance, just Justin would.
We snuck past that rabbit while he was being distracted by two year old yanking on his tail as he was trying to hand out paper bunny headbands. Max walked by no problem, and I think Evan was relieved he didn't have to have any contact with that thing, as was I.


Bethany said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! Love it

Anonymous said...

Very funny.

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute is that?!?
Such darling grandboys.........miss them.
~grandma jane