Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the oldest two.

mr.mow it all

He is so ridiculous. He wanted sunglasses but I couldn't find a pair of his, so he wore mine...and I think they look better on him than me. Sheesh!

busy mowin'
I love this picture of him marching through the grass in his boots.

lawn duty.
Then there is Maxwell.
So suave, this kid doesn't mess around. He's so much like his Daddy.
They sure do have a lot of fun together. These two.
Love these two....and love their extreme fascination and obsession with Poke'mon even though they haven't the SLIGHTEST idea what the heck Poke'mon is. (thanks to my brother Pete who gave them his cards...circa 1994 or something like that)...they carry those cards around like they are a prized possession.


Anonymous said...

Our boys would get together great! Sunglasses and mowers, yeah! I hope someday they'll meet. You know where you can stay on the east coast! ;)

Annika said...

Your boys are so cute. Love the beach, pics, too. Did I mention your boys are CUTE? :)

Tarrah said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day. You have a beautiful family. My Abraham has to have sunglasses on too nearly all the time :) It was fun to read about how your boys get along. I'm excited for my 2 boys to get the the age where they can play together. I can see the bonding already.