Monday, June 29, 2009


Last week the boys and I went to the zoo.
here we come zoo.
We saw a Lions bum.

We saw a Tiger.
tiger. oh my!
We saw no bears, and then...
Maxwell threw up.
Oh My!

He started feeling ill about an hour in, so we had lunch and sat down for a bit and he didn't look so good, so I had him come sit on my lap and as soon as he did... a nice strawberries, crackers and grapes mixtures (a fun sight) came out.
So...we got cleaned up. Some lady and her husband were nice enough to go get some water and some towels to clean up...and alert the zoo staff that there was cleanup on aisle just past the tigers but before the gazelles.
Afterwards Max claimed he felt like a million bucks and he did look much better but for good measure I made him ride in the stroller for a bit.
So here I am, walking past the jaguar's and maned wolves with Liam in the Bjorn, Maxwell in the stroller and Evan (who was such a trooper that day!) walking up Mt. Everest.
Well, it felt like it anyway.

drink break.
...but, we did it, survived and actually it was an AWESOME day.


Jane said...

Super Mommy flies again!

Looks like you had a good time, even though you needed "a cleanup on aisle just past the tigers".

Poor Max!

You are funny, girl!

Megan said...

THAT was an expedition.

Kelly said...

Awh, poor kid! I'm glad he felt better after throwing up! Whee - we haven't taken on the zoo yet. I suppose we probably should try it! I don't have your stamina, though, so it will wait until this balmy Southern winter when I'm wanting to walk into labor... ;-)

Annika said...

I'm so impressed that you went all by yourself! I would seriously need those kid-leashes to ever attempt this. My kids are such wanderers. :) Poor Max...