Thursday, October 08, 2009

a few randoms about me.


My married last name is WAY easier than my maiden name...I always said I would marry someone with an easy last name...and I SURE did!

I hate being pregnant...but don't mind labor. If I could skip the nine months, and just do the labor and delievery I would....heck I'd do it twice. Not that I've had easier labors!

I hate tomatoes, but not salsa.

I hate anything from the sea, except tuna.

I also hate mushrooms, they are a fungus...and that's just gross.

I'm really bad a REALLY bad...there are a number of things in our house that have NEVER been dusted. *GASP*

I wish I was REALLY (like amazingly talented, out of this world, knock your socks off) good at something.

I love Jesus. A wonderful, MERCIFUL savior, and I have so much to learn about him.

I love people, getting to know them, but I think I could be a better listener.

I'm a huge procrastinator, but LOVE the pressure to get things done.

Justin and I are almost complete opposites, and I love it. We balance each other well. He and I have so much fun together. I heart him.

My dream is to own my own shop someday.

I love that I'm 50% polish.

Our {as in Justin & I} dream is to flip houses together.

Every guy I went to a dance with in high-school is now gay.

I love it.

I LOVE being sarcastic...and appreciate people who take it well, and dish it back.

I was very nervous about moving about 500 away from where we grew up. It was one of the best decisons we've ever made. {of course we still miss seeing family and friends as often as we'd like}

I LOVE to cook.

I love a clean kitchen.

I want to get better at decorating cookies and cupcakes... just for fun.

I want to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

Most of all I hope I can bring honor, glory to God. Find joy each day in him alone.


Busch family said...

I love you, Anne!!

We should get together for a baking/decorating day. I would love to get better at decorating stuff. I've had issues with decorating most of the birthday cakes I've baked. Yesterday's included!! Aagh! The magazines make it look so easy...

Danielle said...

I can totally imagine you owning your own shop. With your great style and love of people, it would be perfect!

Megan said...

i love the part about your high school dance dates. too funny.

love you!


Katie said...

I second Megan, that cracked me up.

Friends of Narnia said...

good summary. :)

JOSH said...

What kind of shop would you want to open?

anne said... furniture store with one of a kind pieces and finds...or a flower shop...or a paper store...OR a small resturant...I KNOW...I have too many I need to focus on one and maybe make it happen!

Bethany said...

Love this, you!!! We are so alike. I hate dusting which is a really bad thing in Cali it is so dusty with this sticky dust here. Awful. I hate mushrooms too and will only eat them to be polite. Otherwise they all go to my hubby who loves them and is also my polar opposite. I hate being pregnant but don't mind the labor either. I would push peoples babies out if they could be preggo for nine months for me. HA HA.

Loved this you are so cute and wonderful.