Tuesday, January 26, 2010

birdie wall clock.

A few months ago I got a frantic call about this bird wall clock from my friend Beth.
She found this clock while out shopping with her family, and quickly called to see if I wanted it.
Of course I did.

liamhat 074
If it's got cutie birds, I'm in.
Took me awhile to decide on a spot, but I think the wall between the living room and kitchen was perfect.

liamhat 075
thanks Beth!


Danielle said...

Oh. my. goodness! I absolutely ADORE it! Can you tell where it came from? Does it matter if I copy your decor, because I live all the way in MD and our friends will never see both our houses!!

anne said...

haha...of COURSE I don't care, even if we did live closer:)
It is from Kohl's..and it cost $20.
You know what though?! I think I MAY have just seen something like it at Target too. If you don't find one and REALLY want one let me know and I can look here and get you one.

It is fun isn't it?!

Mike, Torie and Boys said...

It is darling Anne. You have such great taste. Love it.

Josh said...

Wow, Danielle ADORES it...I can't beat the intensity of that word. But I do think it's cool enough for me to comment on it! I bet Steph would love it.

anne said...

Josh, you're a man, you wouldn't understand :)

Megan said...

looks great anne! i like the color too- it wouldn't be as cute if it was an "off" color.


Anonymous said...

wow! I adore it as well!!! I don't have any kind of bird motif going on in my house for fear that it will go out of style too fast (so far those birds have proved me wrong), but I LOVE IT AND ADORE IT AND GOO GOO GAA GAA IT TOO! You did an excellent job placing it too!!!

Busch family said...

I love where you put it! It looks great! :) Love those birds!!

Sarah G. said...