Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a 3 minute goodie.


Anonymous said...

It is so good that he is instructing parents/grandparents in this. So helpful. Did you listen to it worth it. Love you, Mom

mspsa said...'s not hard to remember we are bad, I AND my kids, but what a good reminder that only bad people who realize they are bad can use forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

yes, I of course agree with him, although I can't see any good out of telling your children that they are "bad" at a young age. Because Christ counts us as righteous, He doesn't see us that way and we should impart that amazing grace to our children. I tend to focus on that while their young. I think when they are older, they will begin to understand more what it means to be a horrible, wretched sinner; even though, we are still counted as righteous. Such a difficult thing to understand especially for young children!

What do you think?

anne said...

I hear ya Beth, I certianly don't go around telling my boys: " you are SO BAD! SO BAD!"
However, when I talk to Max and even Evan now I do talk to them about their sin, and how my the grace of God we can overcome it. Please and honor him. Please and honor their parents :)

Anonymous said...

sorry I didn't comment reply again, I remember doing it and not being signed in, so I wasn't able to leave the comment and then I guess I got up and left, ha ha!

You're right. And there's that perfect balance to find between grace and discipline. I find that so hard.