Tuesday, October 12, 2010

day 2 : {meeting amy & her boys} Washington DC

Wednesday the boys and I drove to just north of Washington to meet my newest blog friend Amy. She and our {6} SIX boys drove to downtown DC and went to the building museum, took the boys to the current exhibit of legos complete with building area where the oldest 4 built while we tried to keep the babes from licking the floors :)
{These pictures are just outside the museum}

luca & liam
luca{18 months}&liam{22 months}

evan & xan
evan{4}& xan{4}

evan & xan bw
these two...instant buds.

max & david
max{6} & david {8}

sepia{swanson/fedeli boys}
don't you love how cooperative liam & luca were?

swanson/fedeli boys
6 boys!


And lastly, a quick shot of amy & I {ages unknown}.
so great to meet you AMY! It was a great day, felt like we'd been friends forever, and I love how our boys instantly bonded. Let's do it again soon!


Mike, Torie and Boys said...

How fun.
Maybe some day we can meet :) I know our boys would get along.

Amy said...

I had the best time. I felt the exact same way...maybe we were past-life bffs ;)

Maybe we can road trip to Kentucky??


Anonymous said...

I hear Austin TX is a gorgeous place to visit with tons of stuff to do for moms and kids! Just a thought.