Wednesday, October 13, 2010

National Zoo, DC {day 3}: meeting Danielle, her twin boys and baby girl

On Thursday, after battling traffic and a GPS that said I'd be in traffic for another hour and a half when I was supposed to be meeting Danielle and her kids at the zoo in a half hour I saw a sign for the Metro and went for it.
I got a parking spot at the very tip-top of the parking garage and hauled the boys and a stroller down three flights of stairs. We bought our tickets I grabbed a map and we headed up to the train platform, got on board and set out to the zoo.

We finally made it and bet up with Danielle her boys; Duncan and Owen, and new baby girl, Sophia.
the boys

Evan, Duncan and Owen were non-stop...the whole day.

Evan checking out the pandas.

Danielle showing the boys this crazy bird {it was quite loud too!}

there are A LOT of shots like this one.
finally, one of all of the boys {minus liam and sophia who were sleeping} all looking

...and last but not least a quick shot of Danielle and I before we parted ways.
So great to meet you and your family {minus Josh} Danielle! Finally! After all these years, and I appreciate you even more now that we've met in real life!:}


Amy said...

Sweet!! :)

Ashleigh said...

Fun! Looks like a great time!

By the way, the pandas have always been my favorite part of the DC zoo.

Danielle said...

It was great meeting you too! Wow, these pictures make our get together look so calm! Too bad we didn't have video of the boys running chasing the elephant "tracks" with us chasing them, ha ha!

anne said...

yeah, I know right...I forgot to post one picture of Evan, Duncan, and Owen climbing on the bench when we had stopped for a bit.
That pretty much summed up our day! :)