Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Maxwell {10}

Today you turn 10! Hard to believe a decade has passed since your birth! We are so very thankful to have you as our oldest son. 
You have a compassionate heart. I told you today that one of my favorite qualities about you is your ability to admit when you were wrong. It is truly a special thing, that I hope you never lose. I struggle with that so I am learning from you! 
You are so sweet to all your brothers, you help me out so much and I am so thankful for that! Just this morning Liam was complaining about having to go to school {mostly because he was overtired} and you encouraged his heart, telling him it's fun and the importance of learning to read and write. It was so sweet. 
You have been doing these comedy routines for me lately and you are pretty funny. We tell you when a joke isn't funny or doesn't make sense and you respond so well to any criticism.  This year you and Evan will play soccer together and I am excited to see you develop together. You have skills, and I am excited to see where soccer takes you. :) 
This is also your last year of elementary school, and I pray it's a good year for you. You are a good student but I know your work load will be increased. I will be praying you work hard and don't get too frustrated when you don't understand something. 
I pray as you enter this next decade the Lord grabs hold of your heart and you respond in awe to his greatness. I pray you have a deep desire to know him more and desire for him. Being young has challenges, one of the hardest being making decisions for yourself, and trying to understand life.
My prayer is that you will see your need for him, to live for him and not this world. 
Your Dad and I love you so very much. 

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