Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

Thrift stores are a novel idea! People get rid of things they don't want anymore, and others come and buy them for a(hopefully) good price. I have run into a fair share of overpriced thrift stores ( like a tablecloth I saw once for $20 and I got a similar one from Target for $10) but overall they have proven to be worth my time! To have a successful trip you first of all have to be in the mood to hunt, second, going with some specific items in mind is a good idea and perhaps you will find some other treasures along the way.

I have been looking for good second- hand stores in our area for some time now, and today I found two!

The first one is called St. Vincent de Paul and is a large shop on Willy St. here in Madison and has lots of fun finds. I found a wonderful little bedside table for $6 and an adorable little weekend bag for only $1 , both of which would probably cost about $500.00 total in an Anthropologie catalog. The other shop is called Savers and they have shops all over the country. I am hoping to get there later this week. I am looking for a small table to set up in our room to work on my many on-going projects!


Sara said...

I love trift store shopping!

Elizabeth said...

Thrift stores are great. I once found an incredible coffee table for just $10. Can't beat that!