Wednesday, September 14, 2005

a "weekend to remember"

My Father-In-Law, a man that I truly have tremendous recpect and often seek his wisdom has led us astray! I kid of course. Here is the story...

Ever since Justin and I have been engaged his father has encouraged us to attend a confrence put on by Campus Crusade for Christ. It is called; " A weekend to Remember" and is for engaged and married couples of all ages.

Eager to attend, the conference was held last weekend in Lake Geneva. I had even convinced my best friend (and cousin) Nicole and her husband Marc to come. Since the hotel was quite costly to stay at we opted for a nearby bed and breakfast.

So, we arrive, pens, highlighters, Bibles and Starbucks in hand. We take our seats and soon the couple leading the conference is introduced and giving background about themselves. Soon we are into the workbook and I am waiting for some depth into the the topic of oneness...exept it never comes. Just statistics and random stories about thier lives. Eventually I look over to Justin, Nicole, and Marc who are all doodling on thier pages and say, ' Are you kidding me?' Soon we are giggling like second graders, all aware of our immaturity and disrespect for those around us, but it could not be helped.

About two hours in we had a break, and decided to ditch out on the rest that night and go check out downtown Lake Geneva. We did not do much, but ended up back at Starbucks sitting outside laughing and actually having good converstation with one another. Justin felt guilty about leaving since his Dad had so badly wanted us to go, and I have to admit I did too.

The next day we decided to give it another try and it was worse. So, long story short, we left at the lunch break and went and had a long lunch together! We told John about it, and all laughed when we found out the last time Jane and he had been to this conference was just after Justin was born!!!

It truly was a "weekend to remember!"

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