Monday, September 19, 2005

" What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?"

I really love weddings. Nothing sends my heart into a delirious excitement like a wedding. To see two people consumed with love for each other, and ready to experience the rest of their lives with one another makes me ecstatic. When I married Justin I felt an incredible joy and security that this man was taking me to be his wife forever! It is almost impossible to describe the happiness I felt.
As with all marriages there are good times and bad. The honeymoon does end, and often times in our day and age many marriages do as well. It saddens me to see so many marriages end up so broken and bitter.
It is so amazing to think of your marriage when thinking about your relationship with Christ. So many give up on their marriages so easily, as they do with Christ, but there are those who cling on to Christ when their marriage is in distress. This is our only hope. I have realized that my husband will not and cannot make me happy. Only Christ can. I can experience Chirst's glory through my marriage by loving my husband through good times and bad. I cling unto Christ when I feel as though Justin just does not understand me, because he cannot read my thoughts...But Christ can. And I cling unto Christ when things are good, so that his mysterious ways may be revealed to me so I can trust him more, and love him more deeply.
I read once that you cannot love someone "too much." The problem is that we love Christ too little. How true is that! I do love my husband more than I ever thought possible! But, my husband will fail my expectations...All spouses do, but Christ never will! My love for Christ should be even more so! He has given us such an incredible gift...himself! Better than any other gift we could ever think of!
EVERTHING in our marriage can reveal Christs' character. We can really discover and get to know him through it, or, we can battle everyday in our broken world to try and find happiness in our spouse which is impossible. To respect and receive respect, humbly seek and extend forgiveness, and so many other aspects of my marriage can be revealed though Christ and his purpose for our lives; for his ultimate glory!


vanessa boss said...

Anne, here i am at the clc computer lab with tears, yes tears on my
face. Tears of joy and encouragement. I just really need to hear
that. Anne you really are such a woman of wisdom. Your desire for the
glory of God shines in who you are. i appreciate you taking the time to
put your thoughts down to share.
Love Vanessa

jessica said...

I really appreciate your thoughts here. great post