Friday, January 06, 2006


This morning after waking up to a less that happy child, I calmed him down and laid back down for a few minutes. The nausea was getting to me. And then it struck me, how am I going to do with with two babies? I thank God that he did not give me twins the first time around, which many thought was debatable judging the size of my belly, but Maxwell was just a big boy! Big babies run on both sides of our families. My brother Alec and Justin's brother Jordan weighed in at a whopping 10lbs. 5oz., I got away with a 10lb. 1oz. baby.
How was I going to:
a) deal with a newborn again? (nightmares of the first week of Maxwell's life flood my mind)
b) give Maxwell the attention he needs?
c) discipline a two year old?
d) have time for daily devotions?
e) get all the housework done?
f) run errands with two babies?
g) have time to relax?
Plus, we might be moving soon. What job would Justin have and where? Would we be able to buy a house? AH! I could go insane! My mind began racing.
But wait! Hold on! Plenty of women have done this before me, with more babies, with more children. And I remembered my ability to multi-task. Something I think most women are naturally good at, and that most men have to learn. I have great family and friends always willing to lend a hand, and my husband. He will usually (except when it comes to changing diapers) do what I ask, and is very helpful in giving me a breather from Max after a stressful day, even if his day has been stressful too. And, I have Jesus, my refuge and strength. Need I say more?
I can do this. And I have until August to prepare. Plenty of time to think through this, organize a nursery again, prepare Maxwell, and enjoy my pregnancy. But pray for me, that my hormones don't get the best of me too often!


Jane Swanson said...

Just wanted to say your feelings are totally normal. For me, after #2 I "officially" felt like a mom and a family. Having one was a novelty to me but adding #2 became the "real deal", if you kwim.
You will do fine. You have been a great mother to Max and you are so incredibly organized too.
The other thing is you have SO MUCH SUPPORT with your family and ours. That's what we are here for!
~mom jane

Alec said...

You should just give Max to me for a while and I'll show him how to be even cooler than he already is...