Thursday, January 24, 2008

joy in the journey.

I received word this morning that Radiant was going to publish an article I had submitted to them a few weeks ago. Check it out here.


Ashleigh said...

Again, congrats!

Danielle said...

Yay, Anne! :)

Mike, Torie and Boys said...

Congrats. I loved reading it.You are such a good writer. You need to be a proffesional writer.You are very inspiring.
That was so neat. Way to go :)

Anna Leisa said...

Anne -

I know I haven't commented in about a decade, but I just saw your article and wanted to yell (via exclamation points) a giant, monumental congratulations!!!! Keep up the good typing.

Bethany said...

Oh congrats. So happy for you. Great Article too.

Sarah said...

I loved that! Thanks for writing it, and sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Anne, that article was wonderful. I needed to hear that this morning.

Love ya tons.

Anonymous said...

Congradulations Anne! I am over visiting Grandma and Grandpa and the three of us are having a great time reading your blog. We are so proud of your article being published! We look forward to reading more of your writing.
Much love from Oregon WI!
ruth & paul