Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For the LOVE of clean clothes.

So, the dryer guy came today. Looked at my dryer, took it apart and put it back together, came out and told me the grand total for his services IF I wanted it fixed was $75.00 less than I paid for it...not including tax.

uh...ridiculous much?

So we decided we might as well have a brand spanking new machine {and let them reap the benefits of fixing our old one and reselling it...I did consider setting it on fire...} and pay about $100. more than what it would cost to fix it.
Furthermore, by the time they would get the parts in and back to install it, it would be next week. My friend {AHEM. reading this Chad&Mel? haha.} Melody offered me to use her washer/dryer if we needed to, but for a little bit more money and a new dryer that would be installed tomorrow was worth it.

I drove out to the {boonies} where I bought the thing, a mere two years ago.

This story is getting sicker by the second isn't it?

What's sicker is that I saw all these shiny new models in AWESOME colors and was tempted for a second to buy a new set, but HELLO that would be INSANE.

I told the guy I needed a new dryer preferably to match the old one. They had my exact dryer in a newer version, and on special and they are installing it tomorrow.
Sheesh, I hope this is the last you hear about home repairs from me for awhile, first the heat pump, then our water heater {which has been fixed twice before}, the washer {thank goodness that was minor} and now the dryer.
I'm sure you are just as sick of hearing about it as I am talking about it.

Home ownership. Gotta love it.

the end.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it under warranty? Tisk tisk for not getting some kind of extended warranty. Steph and I bought both our washer and dryer for a grand total of $400ish. Sure, they're not "high efficient", but they work well. Bought em used from someone on Craigslist. You wouldn't believe all the good washers and dryers on there for CHEAP! You know why? Because every wife in America is making their husbands upgrade them to high efficient washers and dryers. Now, us broke people who can't afford to drop $2000 on a set are picking up these perfectly good ones for next to nothing!

Kim said...

I think all the buttons and options washers and dryers have now make them brake more often. I just want ONE and I want it to say, ON. Why is that so hard to find? I bet it would never break!

Kim said...

Did I really write "brake"? See, this is why I need a coffee addiction.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome they can install it so soon and it was on special! Gotta look at the up side! ;)

Melody said...

So glad the shiny new one is coming today. Even more glad that you got our friendship right. You know how grumpy Chad gets if he's not the BFF!

Megan said...

the washer/dryer my parents had when i was growing up, they bought 5 years before i was born and had until i was in middle school. color: a cross between avocado and mustard. but they were american made!

the washer we bought in 2004 broke this year- like BURNED out, and i was so dissapointed. repair men are really honest- no brand is better, bc they're all made in the same place w/ the same parts. so all you can do is buy a good extended warranty!!


anne said...

We did get a good deal on these washer/dryers to begin with, the place we got them from is a place that furnishes for builders/apartment complexes etc. SO...we did make out pretty good to begin with...
AND KIM, I'm SO with you....ON is all I need.
You crack me up...break, brake...whatever :)

Kelly said...

Anne, I love reading your posts - you're SO FUN to *listen* to! I almost always come away with a smile or a laugh, which is saying something right now, with all the morning sickness ick... :-P