Thursday, May 21, 2009

some cutie patooties.

Babysat for these two sweet girls yesterday. They are our friends Chad & Melody's sweet babies. Mel had them in these cute rompers so I took a few pictures...couldn't get to many...I had 5 kids to take care of!

This is sweet Juliana. She LOVED watching Maxwell & Evan run around the yard, giggling at them!
juju. 05.20.2009

...and Adorable Addie. She is about a month older than Liam, and all smiles. They held hands, gotta keep an eye on those two!
Fun to have girly shrieks, giggles, and bows for the afternoon!


Melody said...

Aw, thanks Anne for the pics. I could just eat them up! Did you check out the arm rolls on that kid??? I got my chubby baby, that's for sure!

mom said...

So adorable!

Jane said...

They are dressed in my new favorite colors! Just. Too. Cute.

I knew you could do FIVE!