Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a short update.

maxwell. 5.5.09
Yesterday, I took Maxwell and Evan to the dentist for the first time.
{Yes, Maxwell is almost 5 and has NEVER been to the dentist...yeah I know shame on me.}
I was a little nervous because I had read a not so positive review about the dentist we were going to see online, but I decided to give her a chance. I was also a bit nervous about how they would react to someone all up in their grill, but I told them what the dentist would be doing so they knew what to expect. Maxwell was ACTUALLY excited.
Imagine that?!
So we went, and it was AMAZING. Evan watched Max get his teeth cleaned and then it was his turn. Liam cooperated too. I couldn't believe I had braved taking all three to the dentist, but the whole thing was kind of last minute. The dentist was fine, she wouldn't be my bff or anything but she wasn't as tyrannic as the review made her out to be.
Anyway...Evan had PERFECT teeth while Maxwell has 8{YES EIGHT} as in; I am a HORRIBLE Mother cavities. All his back teeth. There were several reasons the dentist gave me that it was possible he got them, one of which was bottled water..takes out fluoride {which we not longer buy because I was convicted after we watched a documentary about water}, another being he just was one of those kids prone to get cavities...I don't know.

Evan calls our neighbor Grandpa.
Uh...slightly embarrassing as the guy is only like 40 and HAS A 7 YEAR OLD SON!
I think mostly he calls him that because he has some grey hair and a beard like my Dad does, but nonetheless I felt bad when the guy says to me;
"Man, that makes me feel old."


Maxwell thinks we are getting a dog.
AND, that the FedEx Man is bringing him.

First of all, Maxwell has this CRAZY obsession with FedEx. He has this airplane book that has a FedEx plane in it, and he always FREAKS when he sees a truck when we are out and about...because it's not like the FedEx truck frequents our house (ahem).

Awhile back, like before Liam was born I went through a stage where I wanted a dog. We went to a pet store where they had dogs and cats you could adopt, and we also looked at dogs at our local Humane Societies site and "picked" one out. He asked if we could "order" one, and I told him we had to talk to his Daddy first. Anyway, I knew I would regret getting a dog right now with three kids under 5.

So...I'm not sure why he still thinks one is coming. I haven't talked about it at all and last Sunday night a friend who was teaching his class informed us he prayed for his dog that was coming in 2 weeks, and crabs under his bed.
NO IDEA where that came from either.

Oh, and in other news Evan peed all over the floor.
I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME potty train this kid.

As for the L-man...well, he is just as sweet as ever.
5.5.09 L-man


Kim said...

You crack me up. noah does the same thing, calling everyone who looks just older than me "grandma" and "grandpa". We walk by people in the store and he says, "hi grampa!" I always pray they don't hear him.

Potty may remember what a disaster that was for me. So I eventually gave up told Noah he was a baby until he was ready to be a big boy and made him wear a diaper. Then a couple of weeks later he was all, "I wanna go pee pee in the potty." And I said, "if you pee in the potty you can never wear a diaper again." I made him throw them away, showed him we were packing some up. I made it very clear that choosing the potty was a commitment. I think I got lucky that that worked. I think potty training is a crap shoot and each kid responds differently to different things. I hope it is easier for you than it was for us!!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny about the FED EX man bringing a dog! And calling the neighbor guy Granpa! Ha ha!

Ashleigh said...

Love Max's obsession with FedEx and Evan calling your neighbor "grandpa." Too funny!

Hang in there on the potty training thing. It took us forever with Ava, but she finally decided on her own she wanted to do it.

Tara McClenahan said...

YIKES! I didn't know about bottled water and fluoride!!!! Where has my head been?? OH yah! I remember now ~ IN THE SAND! OK so is a Brita filter OK???
Such great pix! I'd love for you to take some of me and Cole together for my blog! Let me know!

Anonymous said...

So wait, does he just pee his pants, or like whip it out and pee on the floor? I am having a hard time imagining a kid that age just peeing his pants. I'm imagining a whip it out and pee cuz he's a rebellious kid who has crabs under his bed! (btw, that's a sign he may actually GET crabs some day!)

Bethany said...

They are so cute. What great pics. I dedicate the poopsmith song to you...happy potty training!!! Worst stage ever IMO

Liam's Girl said...

I can't wait to see your new dog.


Sorry that Maximus has all of those cavities!! That supports my ban on bottled water. It's bad for the environment AND your children!

Megan said...

oh, anne. i miss you!

Katie said...

GREAT pictures, Anne!!! And a funny post! You're freaking me out abotu cavities... our water doesn't have fluoride in it out here in the country... yikes...

Kelly said...

I seriously, SERIOUSLY believe it's the dad's job to potty train the boys. Just my opinion. They get the whole equipment thing. :-P Try rewards? My husband's mom bribed him with Cheetoes... ;-)