Friday, July 17, 2009

bags for Ethiopia.

My friend Marian, and her husband Nathan are in the process of adopting a child from Ethiopia. They have three young boys and after watching some friends adopt, they decided to start their own adoption journey!

Marian and I first "met" ( we have not met in real life...only online...)in fall 2007, and as I type this I cannot believe that! I found an article she had written for Radiant, and asked her if she would like to write for Ungrind. She said yes, and we have been in touch with each other since. When I read about her adoption adventure and that she was sewing to raise money for the costs, I hopped right on that bandwagon.

And guess what?! You can support them too! Check out their journey here.


Les said...

Very neat! Gonna check out her bags

Stephen and Nikki said...

I was just looking at her blog a couple days ago...I was actually looking at that bag (unfortunately I can't afford it)! I have a friend (in real life, lol) selling jewelry for their adoption!