Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a letter.

Dear Mr. Chester Mouse,
While I know we have open fields behind our home, where you most likely appeared from I'm writing to inquire why you have taken permanent residence in our home.
While we don't mind you passing by, we'd give a quick wave (and wave you along) and smile as you moved on to a nice abandoned cardboard box or secret place not in an ACTUAL HUMANS home.
You see it's not that we hate you, it's just that you don't belong's just the way it is.
We apologize for the death of Rodney,and of Pip, but we have had to resort to drastic measures to move you all along.
We haven't seen 'evidence" of you in a few days in the tupperware drawer (and I thank you for staying away from the food) so we are hoping you are happy in your new home, far, far away from here.
best(firm and stern) regards,
Mrs. A$ Swanson

ps- I'm thankful you are NOT a rat...because then I would have to move.
And poor Mr. Swanson would surely scream like a girl and pass out.


Anonymous said...

Our cat killed 3 mice last week! I didn't even know we had mice until then! We hadn't before . . . Cute and creative "letter".

Kelly said...

*grin* There was the time that we found a mouse in our van trash can. My mom screamed so loud, the poor thing fainted...

Jane said...

I didn't know you could make a mouse pass out by screaming. It doesn't work with chipmunks, I can tell you that!
Fun letter, Anne.

Anonymous said...

I think she means that Mr. Swanson would pass out.:)
So cute...just like those cute little mice in children's books.

Cherie said...

The last comment is mine.

Rachel said...

I hope that Chester has found a new home!!!

That's so neat that you found my blog via Emily. Thanks for stopping by to say hello, and thank you for your encouraging words.

Bethany said...

Uhhhh we caught a RAT in our kitchen this week. NASTY. We have tons of fruit rats around due to all the citrus trees. It is disgusting. We had caught one on our back porch before but this was the first time in the house. I was so grossed out. Felt so violated. Yucky Yucky Yucky

Friends of Narnia said...

I love that letter!! Very creative! :) And has he found a new home?

~Queen Lucy~

Katie said...

LOL! The PS makes it.

Zoe said...

Hahahahaha! Seriously hahahahahahaha!