Monday, August 03, 2009


reflection in the rearview
At six this morning Justin peeks in our room...
"Uh, Evan took a HUGE dump, I can smell it all the way downstairs"...Then he turns on his heel and bounds down the stairs to help himself to some fantastic smelling {and tasty I might add as NOW I am drinking some} coffee.
Of course at the time, I couldn't smell the coffee since I was overwhelmed by the scent of a nasty.
It was awful.. I mean straight from the depths of hell.
I can tolerate stinky diapers,{unlike Justin who moans and groans like he is GIVING BIRTH when changing one} I mean I've changed my fair share, but I literally went into shock for a minute...I knew Justin couldn't handle it.
I had to make sure Max was still breathing, and the fumes didn't kill him.
I went for it, held my breath, fully loaded with plenty of wipes on hand, and it really was MINOR in comparison of the stench it was giving off.

That tied in with my SECOND trip to the dreaded MALL this weekend..makes this Monday just SUPER.
As much as I would LOVE to be one of those women who can dress up and make it look effortless and comfortable, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN FOR ME.
Did you know that a dress at Banana Republic or J.Crew these days will run you upwards of $120?
That’s more than a week’s worth of groceries, and YES, I know what a cranky old hag that makes me sound like, but these days I just cannot justify these kinds of purchases.
And anyway, I finally found something, but I'm not completely SOLD on it, but I don't feel like the whole process of going and trying things on AGAIN.
T-shirts and tank tops are SO EASY, and so cheap, we NEED to just have more casual weddings these days!
Also, as a side note, I still only own two bras that ACTUALLY fit, one of which is a nursing bra, that is working out just fine for me.
I'm not complaining though, this is just reality folks.
What a crazy start to the week...but then this guy woke up, looking all sweet and cute in his monkey pj's...don't you think?
I have to thank Chad & Mel for a fabulous dinner and little celebration last night. We laughed so much and I laughed so hard my stomach still hurts this morning ...although it could be the the spice in last nights dinner since I'm an old lady now.
Love you guys.
Thanks for a GREAT night.
Well, Evan and Maxwell just arrived downstairs, and Evan has informed me he is feeling FINE and has NO recollection of earlier events.



Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday!

Josh is the same way about poopy diapers. He changes them, but groans the whole time like he's dying! ;)

Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Anne!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! What a cute thing to wake up to..Liam that is.:)

Jane said...

Have a great day, Anne!

Julia said...

Happy Birthday Anne! Happy Happy Day! May your children give you extra smiles and hugs and kisses and less poopy diapers today!

Josh Lloyd said...

Happy Birthday! Great post, Anne, made me smile. Do you guys have any higher end resale shops there? Those are great places to find good clothes for cheap.

Friends of Narnia said...

Happy Birthday!!! :D