Wednesday, August 26, 2009

some major randomness.

aug.end 006
1. I LOVE babylegs! They are AMAZINGLY convenient for quick diaper changes and protect legs when baby is crawling on hardwood floors.
I think they are fabulous. Justin on the other hand was calling Liam Rainbow Bright yesterday.
Alright, I admit they are a BIT girly, but they are so dang cute on his chubby little legs, and dang it, they are so great for crawling around in.
I told Justin that I don't let him wear them in public.
It's all about compromise folks.
aug.end 010

2. Justin was in his little brother's wedding this a couple weekends ago and he had to rent a tux which included an aqua blue vest which was very bright and very much didn't fit. Justin has a long torso but he looked like a, " FAT MAN IN A LITTLE COAT"...or vest...pretty funny....and he isn't fat...well maybe a little...well no, he's not...but kind of...but not.

3. We are at Target, I have Evan unloaded into a cart and am getting Liam out when I hear Evan say.... NO he screams,

"GRANDMA! Hey, GRANDMA," {and he pauses...then in his best sing-songy voice} "GRAND...MA! GR.......AND...............MA!"

I look back through the door window (which is tinted, thank goodness) and see a woman {who is CLEARLY over 60, but trust me, he has called people in their late 30's Grandma, which is embarrassing let me tell you, what do you say?} making her way into the bulls eye...she heard Evan.

While she was clearly old enough to be a Grandmother, I'm still not sure if she felt alright with Evan hollering it at her across the Target parking lot. She wasn't sure if she should ignore him or come over and say hello. I could read her mind like that.

She chose to keep on trekking into Tar-jay...wise choice.

Pretty much anyone who has even a HINT of grey hair is Grandma to Evan.

4. While we were waiting to pick up Max after school last week, a form appears over the hill....clothed head to toe in denim. I KID YOU not, I went back to 1989. I time traveled folks.
The ONE day I leave my cell phone at home this woman appears in the best
Anyway, appears this woman, with NOT ONLY white washed jeans (that I'm pretty sure are hard to find these days) that are tapered but to top it off she is sporting a pale denim LONG SLEEVED top.

Did I also mention it was 90 degrees out yesterday, and EXCRUCIATINGLY humid?

Now this top was not just any ol' jean shirt. It was a scoop neck with the biggest, craziest, frilly jean collar. It was INCREDIBLE. Then with the tapered jeans to complete the look... it was PRICELESS.

I hope she makes an appearance in that get-up again soon, and this time I will have my cell phone ready.

5. We always pick up Maxwell via walking. There are two exits from the school. The bottom is kids who aregoing by way of bus, daycare van, or whatever else. The upper level is for walkers and kids getting picked up by car. I've never picked Max up in the car, we've always walked since we live close and it's been such great weather! As cars arrive they are to line up in an orderly fashion and show thier number in the car visor which matches a number on their childs backpack. It seems to be a great system and once kids are out of school the line goes fast.
Here is the know how people like to be first in line at things? Well this is NO exception. The earliest I personally have gotten to the school is about 2:50...and that was because I was DYING to know when people got there to get in the car line. The line was halfway down the drive (which is probably 2 football fields long) at 2:50! School doesn't get out until 3:15. I think these people get there at like 2;15 and wait in their cars for ONE HOUR for thier child to get out of school and so they can be first OUTTA there.
This are the things I wonder people.

Here is a typical walk home from school for us:
aug.end 003

aug.end 001

aug.end 002

Maxwell gets to ride his scooter, Liam and Evan get a nap, and I get a nice little workout.

How is that for random?

Hope you are having a good week.

ps- did you watch the video below...It is SO worth it.


Kelly Langner Sauer said...

Random is fun! LOL - you may want to invest in hair dye if you're planning to go prematurely gray, with Evan around... Mixing MOM up with GRANDMA would just be scary... ;-)

Friends of Narnia said...

Aww! I love that randomness. :)

Megan said...

ha. loved it. all the randomness was great.

once we were walking past a car with a small little old woman with big white hair snoozing in the passenger seat (obviously waiting for her husband or something). it was hot so the window was down. grace (3 at the time) saw her from her lower-sight-level and screamed, "MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S A POODLE!!!!!!!!!"

i hope her hearing was bad.


Anonymous said...

The denim get up sounds hilarious!

allison said...

cute pictures, and no, i didn't want to watch the video below because i'm the anti-crier. i don't like it. mkay? :)

Mike, Torie and Boys said...

I love your Random. That was so cute.
And little Liam looks adorable in the baby leggings. I love his legs.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping your story about Evan ended with there being a lady that looks just like your mom but than I read about the over 60 gray haired lady and clearly she did not look like me:)
Laughed a lot through this whole post.

Bethany said...

Hey The commercial client I have been working with sells her own version of baby legs called skidnees all made in USA. She has little skulls and camo ones for boys