Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1st day of school.

Today, my oldest,Maxwell, nearly 5 years old started school. Hard to believe. Even harder to believe I have a school aged child! I also DO NOT have a working camera, so a big THANK YOU to Chad & Mel for lending me theirs for the day! He was BEYOND excited.
It was the first time we had all gotten up before 7:30 in a LONG time. I am NOT a morning person. I got up around 6 :45 and Max was up by 7 on his own. We got ready, had breakfast and headed out the door.

I've commited to getting up earlier on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays though. A mom in our hood (whose hubby is in the army and deployed right now) needed to be at work at 7 and school doesn't start until 8:20 so she needed to drop her son of somewhere, so I offered.
Which means rising earlier.
I'm glad to help her out though.
Back to the 1st day of school!

Max loved entering school, soaking up every Hello he got from teachers, and pure joy in his step.

Once in his classroom, they had the kids sit at thier tables and color as they settled in and little frog name tags.
Evan on the other hand...
wanted to stay. He really believed he was going to stay at school too. Poor boy. He cried the half the way home, also asking when we'd pick up Max.

Liam however, was none the wiser.
He just loved being outside walking!
We've been home about an hour now, and I've already noticed Evan paying closer attention to Liam and playing with him. I think he will adjust just fine, but I know he will be thrilled to go pick up Max from school this afternoon.
So will I.


Anonymous said...

Aw, I so can't believe Max is starting school! Geesh!

Megan said...

congratulations, max, on this very special milestone :) don't eat the glue!


Anonymous said...

YAY MAX!!! I hope he likes it. Oh and I feel old because I went to that school when it was new :( I need to bust out my kindergarten yearbook now!

Annika said...

Wow, I think I will be so sappy on Jack's first day of school!! :( I cried on his first day of preschool last year. Max is so big--love seeing how excited he was to be at school. Poor Evan! Ellie would totally understand. :)

Katie said...

Awww, way to go, Max!!

Friends of Narnia said...

Oh wow. I can't believe he's so old already!! :) And does all school start that early down there? We're starting a wee bit early this year, but that seems really early! Anyway, school's fun. :) I can't imagine what it'd be like to have my little son go off, all day long! But that's good that he's excited. :D I hope Evan adjusts well. :) They are all SO CUTE!! :D

~Queen Lucy a.k.a. Rebekah~ :)

Zoe said...

Wow! I can't believe he is starting Kindergarten! Looks like he had a very special day!

How is Evan doing with out brother?

Tarrah said...

I find it so hard to believe I have a school aged child also :) Abriella started on Wed (I just havn't gotten the post up). I pretty ok until I picked her up and all she could talk about was how much fun she had. She could have missed me a little :(

Max is such a cutie and I hope he's enjoying school