Saturday, November 21, 2009


SO...last night I went to the opening of NEW MOON with my good friends Allison and Beth.
There we stood in line 45 minutes before the movie with teenage girls, cougars, and men who had been dragged there. In front of us there were three young girls {talking faster than I could think...did I used to be like that?} and not moving WITH THE LINE while a Mom, Dad and their two girls behind us, and here is the MOTHER who is practically ON TOP OF ALLISON as if someone would sneak in between her and Allison if she wasn't and SHE WASN'T EVEN GOING to the 10PM showing ANYWAY, she was going to the 10:30!
Let me tell you some of these people needed to R-E-L-A-X.
It was an experience. I cannot even IMAGINE what a premiere with the actors actually there. It must be complete madness. Madness that I want NO part of.

Anyway the movie was pretty great. Compared to the first film which I did enjoy, it was a bit dark and too dramatic, this was amazing.
It's the look,the feel {no, not it's not cotton} of the film that the added time and money committed to New Moon that compared with Twilight, that makes it supremely better. And the settings, from the cliffs and the gorgeous forests, to the Tuscan scenes of the Volterra, gives the movie a less darker feel. While at times the background music seemed overdone, I appreciated the indie soundtrack that accompanied and complimented the movie. I also appreciated director Chris Weitz's {who is new on the scene,Catherine Hardwicke directed Twilight} faithfulness to the book, and I dare say his additions at times, improves it.
There are people here who won't "get it",and I understand. They don't connect with the stories, and this clearly isn't for them. Kind of like Harry Potter wasn't for me.
The film was good, the acting was overall well done {I thought Dakota Fanning was FABULOUS in her small role as Jane}, the dialogue works well and there is a good amount of humor which is mostly well placed. I'm left interested and excited to see the direction they'll take with Eclipse.

on a more humorous note NEXT TO and BEHIND us was this group of like 10 women {WHO HAD TO BE IN THEIR 40's if not close to 50} one of which BEFORE the movie began was dancing and acting like a COMPLETE buffoon.
Throughout the film they were shouting whenever a shirt was off or perhaps a kiss was going to occur. It was RIDICULOUS. These Women were old enough to BE the guys in this films MOTHERS! Crazy I tell you. We had our suspicions that they had been drinking and sure enough when the film let out we saw their.
As we exited a the dancing buffoon and friends where standing together, and she puts her arm around her friend and says;

"That movie was AH-MAZ-ING"

Guess the film changed her life. :)


Busch family said...

It was an unforgettable night-those ladies made sure of that!! I'm still laughing about all that DRAMA!!

Abigail Jasmine said...

I'm so glad to read a review!
& a good one at that...
I have to wait a month for it to come out where I am..but can't wait!

So funny about those!

Josh-the-Squash said...

I was surprised to see a review of this movie on your blog, but I saw the first one too, and had little desire to see this one. I just don't see where they can go with the story to make it interesting. Seems like they're just going on with the story to milk the money out of the teens and cougars. I know, they're based off of books, but whatever.

Your review cracked me up about the cougars, though. Really funny! I can't believe how some women act. At least most men are usually very under-the-breath about girls young enough to be their daughters. You aren't going to see groups of 40 & 50 year old men in line as a group to see Miley Cyrus on the big screen. Makes me sick to think of women acting like that.

Alice aka Allison said...

BAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Eclipse = Wine coolers!!! :)