Thursday, November 19, 2009

the week before we give thanks.

bird. 10.30.2009

Justin has been working 10 {ten} hour days, 6{six} days a week. It's a little ridiculous and I'm pretty sure, long term I can't deal with it. It has been fine so far, but I see it getting old quickly. I do miss him, and I know how tired he is.
This week has been insane, and here are a few selected stories from the week so far.

Justin and I have been having the same argument for WEEKS. It is not a serious or important argument, but neither of us is willing to give. So Monday we are in bed talking and he falls asleep on me mid-conversation!!
Instead of jolting him {which is my preferred method of waking him...not his} I decided to try the annoyed sigh...loudly sighing him awake.
Didn't work, so I'm going back to jolting...although that night I let the man sleep.
It was a Monday after all.

Ev. the L-man and I went to GAP to buy Justin some fleece lined jeans for work. I am walking to the register and Evan is just ahead of me, and I can't even tell you how it happened but all of the sudden he appears with a Mountain Dew in his hand, SIPPING it like he has had it all along.
"where did you get that?"
" I dunno. Over there."
I see a bunch of employees putting up new fixtures and new clothes out and realize
it is one of theirs.
So, instead of alerting them all that my three year old has potentially backwashed in their drink of choice I put the drink back from where I thought he picked it up.
My Dad would DIE. My germo-phobe {technical term} Dad who is A DOCTOR for crying out loud would die if he heard that. Let's say my Mom took a bite out of a sandwich and decided she didn't want the rest. My Dad would surgically cut the sandwich at about a length of 1.5 inches away from the bite so he wouldn't get the germs.
I'm not sure why I just included that, but it seemed like a good way to tease my Dad.

By the way, what does Evan want for Christmas? Diet Soda. {I don't buy it, and so he wants it}

I'll give a little shout out to Justin too who won his first indoor soccer game {which I'm NOT jealous of at all since I get to stay home with our boys...ahem} and scored all three goals the team had. WOOT.

Evan makes a HUGE ruckus when he uses the toilet. He makes a lot of noise, slamming toilet seat up and down...I think he wants the WHOLE HOUSE to know that he has used the bathroom.
Last night, Max was brushing his teeth and Evan was using the toilet and as I was on my way upstairs to help them finish up and get into bed I hear the slam and a cry.
You guessed it, Evan slammed his P in with the lid.
Poor kid, I'm sure it killed.
I came back downstairs and Justin and I laughed at his expense.
We are GREAT parents.

Any "fun" things happen with you yet this week?

{ps-I have a fun tutorial coming least I thought it was fun, and maybe you will too.}

Thursday am addition:

This morning I met a nice Grandfather at Panera, got a free tire rotation, and a free bluetooth since my cell phone speaker broke. Been a GREAT Thursday so far :)


Ashleigh said...

Unfortunately, plenty of "fun" things have happened this week. One includes me making an idiot of myself in relation to one of my freelance work projects. Let's just say today I'm a little less quick to speak.

Danielle said...

The story about Evan and his toilet experience has me cracking up. I'm sure that will happen to one of my boys someday.

My boys have reverted to climbing again. Since we're indoors more now, they're always in trouble. Playing with water in the bathroom sink, trying to get my coffee down from the counter, and my favorite: finding them BOTH sitting on TOP of the TV!!!

Bethany said...

Oh my what a week. That toilet story was cracking me up too.

Ummm what does you dad do when he kisses your mom...just curious. HA HA.

I have to say I would freak if my kid drank some strangers coke. When I eye food on the ground I am usually thinking and saying don't you dare pick that up to my toddler at the time. So gross. Jude licked across the railing at Disneyland a few times and I thought I was gonna gag and die and never kiss the boy again.

This week was a crazy week for me too. Someone should have filmed me yesterday it was just one thing after another....don't even think I could type it all just glad to be starting a new day. One thing yesterday I got a shower after days of not having one and right after Kade pukes all over me. Fun. On Saturday night we went to pick up some new jeans for me at the gap sale downtown (cause I never have time to eat all my pants are falling off me) and Aaron had to go to the bathroom so he said he would meet me at the gap....there I am walking with the baby strapped to the front of me, Adelee on my hip and keeping tabs on the two boys it was 7pm downtown Pasadena and lets just say not to many people were there with kids in tow. People in the city freak when you have more than two kids and they really freak when you have four and your downtown in what appears to be by yourself.....the comments and stares I got were priceless. IT was quite entertaining. I could tell they thought I was a freak.

Anonymous said...

About the Doctor...sad but true. Oh and we do kiss.:) The Mom

Anonymous said...

I think we are having the exact same week, well except for the toilet lid . . . but then again if that happened I wouldn't tell anyone anyways :)

Anonymous said...

Evan and the bathroom story just made my day! i needed to laugh - poor guy!