Thursday, April 08, 2010

a few things to note.

1. I've officially decided I like fall better than spring. Don't get me wrong, I love the warm weather after a rough winter, it is always much appreciated. However, I have one big beef with spring.
The bugs.
Sure, I know I should appreciate bugs for all they are worth, and they are an amazing part of nature, and so on but guess what? I hate them. ALL of them.
If I see it in or around my home, I kill it. None of this capture and let it back out in the wild might think it can come back.
We've killed three wasps in our house already this year. I LOATHE wasps. They are big, loud and downright scary. And they STING, and it hurts. I am scared of them. I scream and get immediate goosebumps when I see one near me.
In fact, I am so mad about them this year that I dreamt about them last night. It was horrible.
So, FALL it is. The bugs are going bye-bye and there is nothing like seeing the leaves change.

2. In a few weeks Just and I are taking a trip.
We are both excited, and nervous. I know the kids will be fine, but if you are a parent, well, you know. I also know that they will probably be all well behaved, do what they are told, and ask for spinach and green beans for dinner.
Regardless, it will be nice to have a break. To have adult conversations for a whole day. No butts to be wiped and no laundry to think about getting done.
I'm sure I will miss it.
However, I think we are one of those couples who don't talk about their kids the whole time they are away from them.
When we have our date nights we don't really so I hope we can have some good adult conversations while we are there.
It's gonna be great.

3. Justin and I were up late last night watching {don't ask me why} "Hoarding:Buried Alive" on TLC and let me tell you what. I learned that I am, indeed, married to a HOARDER!

HOWEVER, I am the complete OPPOSITE of a hoarder. I don't hang unto anything. Look if you have something you love but it is not in any use {take a picture of it and put it in an album}. I am not all about hanging unto things, at all. I get it from my Dad.

About 4 years ago or so, {I think as we were getting ready to move} I was going through our closet and making a pile to go to goodwill. Justin had some seriously outdated and not to mention UGLY things that I didn't even know existed that had to go.
Fast forward a bit, it was spring and Justin had just deemed it short worthy weather {which I'm not a big shorts fan} and was going through his shorts when I hear;

"Oh. My. Gosh. Where are my jean shorts?"

Need I really say more?
I will.

These "shorts" were more like male Capri's and were a size in which you could park an RV in....and my husband is not a large man.
Tall yes. Wide waisted, no.
They were gross, ugly and had to go. I still hear about those shorts to this day.
If I can't take it any longer I just get rid of it. I don't tell him, because it will take him years to notice it's even gone and he will throw a fit because I want to get rid of his 1994 Tommy Hilfiger purple {although he claims it's blue} sweater that he hasn't worn since 1999.
There are a number of other things I have threatened to toss, like his old notebooks and PILES of school work from freshman year of college. He and I both know he will NEVER look at them again. I'm still working on getting rid that stuff.

4. Last fall, I ran a 5k, in the POURING rain. It was awful. I had worn a bright yellow GAP "raincoat" to the race. By time my friend Jamie and I had parked the car and walked to the race site I was soaked.
She on the other hand was dry as could be.
I tossed that yellow Gap crap. I mean rain coats aren't exactly worn for style, I mean it is nice to look stylish in a raincoat, which was my intent with this coat, but apparently it was made for style was a BRIGHT YELLOW SLICKER!
So, I bought a Northface rain jacket soon after.
Today I had to walk Max to school as my car is getting new tires and Justin leaves for work at a sickening hour, so the boys were covered and given umbrellas and we got to school and back dry...minus my jeans.
So all that to say, that the Northface coat was
They must make rain pants?


Captivated said...

OMG Anne. You are me and my husband is your husband. I had to actually go on Craig's List to buy the exact printer I had tossed several years ago because it broke. And I heard about it all the time. So I bought another one exactly like it just to make him happy. Every time he misplaces something (and he misplaces things every day because he picks something up, gets distracted, puts it down and goes about his business) I get blamed for throwing it out. Only I no longer throw any of his stuff out because I've been blamed so often. My only saving grace has been the fact that we live in a 900 sq ft apt. I fear the day we move and have a basement AND a garage.

Megan said...

i just want to know what COLOR the raincoat is!!

Danielle said...

Enjoy your trip ALONE together! We're hoping to have a trip like that ourselves for our anniversary before baby #3!

Anonymous said...

Justin dont feel bead Allison banned my jean shorts too as well as my favorite pants :( I still have the pants and may wear them sometime but the jean shorts hare now used to paint in and mow the lawn :( It was a sad day. But on the bright side I still have my favorite shirt fom the 8th grade and wore it a couple of weeks ago.

Busch family said...

LOL @ Keith! :)

I remember the first time we cleaned out our closet as a married couple. I was shocked at some of the things coming out of his boxes. He is a self-labeled "squirrel". He had several things that HAD TO GO!!! He had this old leather jacket from high school that would've probably been rejected by the goodwill!
I read that part of your post to Kevin and we had a good laugh!