Thursday, April 29, 2010


I've wanted to go for years, and finally, while in AZ, we did.

Sprinkles. Beverly Hills. - 4.23.2010


need a little cuteness? 04.23.2010

AZ.2 099

AZ.2 098

cupcake line up 04.23.2010

Sprinkles store. 04.23.2010


Danielle said...

Fun! I have such a thing for cupcakes and cupcake places!

Kim said...

Well, was it as yummy as you hoped?

Bethany said...


anne said...

Danielle...for SURE!
Kim, They were QUITE yummy, but I have to admit I was more smitten with the design look than the actual cupcakes. :)

My McDonald Meal said...

Hi Anne!
I've heard so much about this place that I was glad to see that someone could really tell me what they were like. So...

Have you had Tricia's cupcakes over at BabyCakes on Richmond Rd.? If so- any comparison?
Have a great weekend!