Thursday, April 01, 2010


Nothing brings me greater joy {OK slight exaggeration} than watching someone struggle with an IKEA cart.
The boys and I were sitting in the cafe having a snack over looking the parking lot and I watched this guy struggle, I mean STRUGGLE to get to his car with his cart.
It was an incredible thing to watch. I wish I would've had my flip.

Those things are IMPOSSIBLE to push...apparently it is like a 4-wheel drive cart. I don't get it.

However...this guy might be on to some new olympic event.


Melody said...

I HATE pushing those carts! Especially when you have little kids in tow. Or an overflowing cart. Both apply to us. By the way, OUR Ikea is set to open next fall ... less than fifteen minutes from our house. Be jealous.

Josh said...

We live 10 min from IKEA, so we go all the time. I always do this thing while we're walking where I can spin the car 360 degrees without even slowing down. It's amazing. I'm amazing. I deserve a medal...or trophy...or a small plate of mac & cheese from the IKEA cafe...

anne said...

You ARE amazing and if we are ever in the same IKEA at the same time I will buy you that mac & cheese...pending your sweet cart moves.
I guess we are just going to have to move there...and 5 minutes from the IKEA :)

Pops said...

What I hate worse is buying a bag to get the stuff home.I suspect it"s more corporate cost cutting than greenness.