Tuesday, May 03, 2011

{isms} of late.

"oooohhhhhhooooo" w ith the most genuine voice of love and care that can come from such a small child.
"Dad, da, da, da, da,da....{until Justin says ," Yeah"}asaki, sickla, mama, lada, da, ma.{or something like that}"

-He rolls his eyes at totally appropriate and hilarious moments.
-a hug is him putting his hands on your neck in a choke like hold.
-LOVES these little model cars we can get at our grocery store. They are bigger than matchbox cars and just a little bigger than his hands. LOVES them.
- favorite color is DEFINITELY green as he talks about it...a lot.
-also is a pro at the ipad.

two funny things said recently:
"So....{pauses, sits and puts his hands under his chin} when is that baby going to come?"
convo with Max while reading together: " Max, did you get that book from school?"
Max replies, "Yeah, my teacher gave it to me. " WOW. You are AWESOME."
- Eats an apple a day
{in fact he ate a whole box of 365 apple bars from Whole Foods the other day....I know it's not exactly the same thing as an actual apple but he loves that flavor apparently..so after his morning apple he had the bars for lunch.}
-still wearing {Luigi} gloves...a lot.

a few funny phrases I can recall as of late.
"Mom! Look at this kid ! He is nuts!"
or this;
" Mom! We should get rid of this kid! He is SO naughty!"
-promptly gets out his bike and rides for 20 minutes or so every day after school. Then puts his bike away and practices shooting baskets for another 20 minutes {at least}.This kid is disciplined! :)
-has been writing notes to Justin and I at school. He is always so embarrassed to show us, but they are so sweet.
Justin {ism}:
-laughs hysterically at me whenever I get a haircut.
I got my haircut this last week and when I get him he takes one look at me and bursts into laughter.
He tells me he really likes it and it looks good {which I do believe because he has told me when it has NOT looked goo} but who wouldn't be skeptical.
What a odd cookie.

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