Monday, May 23, 2011

spring soccer {2011}

This spring has been a crazy one for soccer. We've had so manny cancelled games due to rain and many games I've had to miss so I haven't had a chance to take any pictures since Liam spends the majority of the game trying to get me to let him out of his stroller. {not going to happen kid} But here is one of the two shots I took this spring of Max in process of kicking the ball into the goal.
Because of all the game cancellations and crazy weather this spring, they held picture day at a random time on a Saturday afternoon. If Justin wasn't the coach we may not have made it here is the "team" photo.
Awkward...glad we get a free copy... because...


Gramps said...

Is that even J dogs real head !! Too funny.

Tara said...

i'm dyin'! I wondered what the story was on this!! hahahaah Max looks like he's three!!!