Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Once. My new favorite movie. I love it. The one thing I would change is the massive use of the f-bomb but other than that it is a must see and a film I love.
A simple Irish film that is classified as a musical does not have the look, sound or feel of your typical musical. This is far beyond The Sound of Music. Not flashy or in your face this film is easily lovable and a must see.
The main character (Glen Hasard)-whose name is never revealed along with his female co-star (Marketa Irglova) whose name is kept secret as well- is a street musican who sings very vague lryics of what seems to be heartbreak, in a very dramatic but romantic way. We later learn he is mourning the loss of his wandering girlfriend Catherine whom has moved to London.
He is playing one evening when a young woman stops to listen and begins to probe him about his lyrics. He seems to be irritated with her questions, (which reveal whom his songs are about) at first, but he soon agrees to fix her vaccum cleaner(as he works at his father's repair shop by day) and after doing so makes a pathetic pass at her in his which is quickly rejected by her. There is definately something between the two of them, but this film is a far cry from your convetional love story. It is a beautiful story of a fabulous partnership that develops into a deep bond between the two.
She, is a young Chezk woman who lives with her mother and young daugther. She sells flowers and cleans houses to support them. It turns out though, she too can play music. She plays piano, usually on her lunch breaks at a local music store, since she has no piano at home. Quite beautifully she can play, and soon she reveals how well she can work with his songs, playing and singin harmony and even taking on the task of writing lyrics to a tune he was having a hard time finding words for.
Once is not a overly dramatic or ambitous film. There is no deep plot or complex themes to figure out. Rather, it commemorates passion and dedication. While the desire to write a song, and make a demo is presented, the deep desire of communication and understanding is even more beautiful through those mediums.
While you have that happy/sad feelings when watching the film, you will feel as the story unfolds that it is actually occuring before your very eyes. With rich and satisfying music, Once is a film you will want to see more than once. :)


Danielle said...

I've seen the trailer but not the movie.

Ashleigh said...

Hi Anne, I'm so behind in movies that are out. I haven't even heard of this. Can you give us more specifics on why this is your fav film and a must-see? I love getting details.

Anonymous said...

ok, two movies I HAVE to see:

Best in Show


Ashleigh said...

Thanks for giving more details, Anne! I appreciate it. :-)

Julia said...

I LOVE this movie too! I own the CD and listen to it often, did you know that the two leads in the movie are actually in a band together? I forget the name of it, but google their names together and it should come up. anyway, take care!

Bethany said...

Oh Aaron and I just watched this a few weeks ago too. We enjoyed it. The music is great. Aaron of course loved it being a musician his favorite part was when they first went into the studio and began to record. He has been running around since seeing it singing the music....especially Falling Slowly....Take this sinking ship and point it....he loved that one. It is funny the boys have been running around singing it too just from hearing Aaron sing it. HEE HEE Obviously we wouldn't let them watch the movie. You can buy the music on Itunes and if you don't want the whole Once album many songs are on Glen Hansard's album individually.