Tuesday, February 05, 2008

3 1/2


With you quickly appoaching the age of four, I sit here and wonder where the time went. Typical Mom thoughts, I know.
It is a joy to have you as our eldest son, even though you're not a natural leader. I think it throws an interesting element into our family dynamics as you follow more than you lead. It threw me off a bit because as the eldest in my family I definately liked the power. I'm not saying you are not independent because you most certianly are. You are a determined young boy. You play so well on your own and when other kids are around you love to run and join in the fun.
I definately think you have a lot of your Daddy in you. You are more reserved, worrysome, and apprehensive about most everything, but you also are so tenderharted, thoughtful, and kind.
After months and months of putting it off, and because you did so well in the crib we got you a big boy bed! You were pretty excited and more than willing to give your crib to Evan (who was currently sleeping in a pack-play). You have been sleeping so well in your big boy bed. You stay up so late playing make believe, but I don't mind. One night your Daddy and I stood outside your door giggling as we listened to you play.
One game you were playing was with your puppy, Jack. You were telling to open a door. Then, in a different voice Jack would "say",
"I don't have a door!"
You were working together as a team, you and Jack, I suppose trying to do some heroic thing that neither your Dad or I knew of, but you did.
You and Evan are now sleeping in the same room, and the other night I put you both to bed at the same time as we were out late, and he cried a bit when I left the room, so I stood to see what would happen.
" It's ok Evan. Do you need something? No. Ok I will read this book."
You both proceeded to "read" your books you had in your beds. You two chatted a bit more, but soon Evan passed out from exhaustion. It was precious.
You love babies, and they love you. Juliana (Uncle Chad and Aunt Mels baby girl) is your favorite. You always take time to chat with her, and she always has a smile for you. You are so gentle and sweet. You talk about her and how cute she is. Makes me want another little baby....we shall see.
You are still into coloring, play-doh, your trains, and cars. When I prepare dinner, I usually let you and Evan watch a video or TV and since we get every station under the sun (thanks to your Dad) you can watch nearly anything. You have been chosing to watch SpongeBob Squarepants. I have no idea why but you love that show. That sponge sure is funny!
Now on to potty training. OYE! Lets just say it has been interesting, and by interesting I mean hard, and by hard I mean many battles, and by battles I mean...well you get the idea. You were halfway there, but the good ol' #2 was not happening. We tried everything under the sun to get you to go. From treats and sweets, to making you sit on the toliet for 5 hours (that was a miserable night!) and still no dice. We had even promised you a special toy when you did go.
Then came February 3, 2008. I was actually out getting a haircut and when I arrived home, you and Daddy had great news for me. You had decided that it was finally the day to do it, and you did. We were SO proud, and a bit relieved that we would not have a 12 year old in diapers. Not that we did fear that, well maybe a little. You finally could break open your new Cars underwear and proudly wear them. It is now Wednesday, February 6, and you are doing so well! We went to the toy store Monday afternoon and you happily picked out a brio passenger train and a car play mat. You also proudly told the check out lady (who clearly was a Grandmother from the sheer exctiement she had in her voice) why you were getting a special present. It was a fun afternoon.
Besides the potty training issues we had, you are learning to listen, more patient with your brother and kind to others.
We are so thankful for you sweet boy and look forward to continuing to watch you grow.


Bethany said...

Oh he is soooooo adorable. What a sweet tribute too. Glad he is poopin' in the potty cause poop goes in the potty poop goes in the potty

bethyoung said...

that is such nice little post. I was lying in bed last night thinking that it was time for me to do one of these as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I hope it is not too unprofessional to cry at work. Great post hon. Just

Chad said...

yeah!!! our names made it into a post! uncle chad rocks! as does justin!

Anonymous said...

Okay Chad -- we only made it in the post because of Juliana ... she also loves Max! Even though she can't talk yet, I'm sure she would talk about Max if she could. He truly seems interested in her as a person -- some people just use her because she's so stinkin' cute. Way to go on a sweet mommy post ... what a sap you are! But -- we love Max! Mel