Monday, February 25, 2008

I always knew I loved Howard.

I don't care what anyone says, I heart Starbucks.
A few weeks ago Howard Shultz came back into reign, ahem... I mean became CEO once again, and this week they are to conduct a nationwide hands-on espresso training experience. All company operated stores in the United States will be closing this Tuesday at 5:30 local time and re-open at 8:30 that evening.
I, who worked for the company when it was old school and making your own espresso by grinding, tamping, and extracting it all by your little ol' self could not be more excited about this.
I was near the end of my time with the company when they made the switch to the automatic machines where the barista simply had to press a button to make a drink.
I was not happy about the switch to the automatic machine situation, and I was sad to see the old machines go. We used to have competitions during busy mornings to see how fast we could whip up quality drinks with our mad barista skills all while giving the customer an awesome experience.
The other thing was that, the espresso tasted different. It does, I promise.
So, with that I am pleased to say Howard is doin' it right. As he put it; " Customers will be able to truly enjoy the art of espresso as Starbucks baristas demonstrate their passion to pull the perfect shot, steam milk to order, and customize their favorite beverage."
Starbucks was getting a little to corporate for me, well let's face it they are... but I still love 'em, always will. Now though, I love them just a little bit more because they went back to old school.
Way to go Howard!
***ADDENDUM!!!- They still are automatic machines!!! They just changed a few other technical things but when all is said and done....I still love 'em, and I still have love for Howard.


Sarah G said...

Very cool! I love Starbucks too ;-). Now I have another excuse to go get a coffee there, thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

You're so cute! I love Starbucks too. I love supporting my community coffee shops as well. Basically, I love coffee, no matter who sells it. If it tastes good, I'll drink it! :)

Mike, Torie and Boys said...

I always love reading your post. You are so cute and you always make me laugh....

Ashleigh said...

I was just thinking about Starbucks. Ava was up half the night and I'm hitting the afternoon slump right now. So maybe I should take your post as confirmation that I really do need to go get some Starbucks. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anne. So does that mean they're getting all new espresso machines?? wouldn't they have to? I can't believe they'd do that. That would cost SOOOOO much money!

I appreciate Starbucks for what it is, but the coffee taste burnt, because they over-roast their beans, which they say is their "signature taste". I'm not much of a fan. I get sick of it VERY quickly. There's nothing like a good local coffee shop. Nothing.

Zion has the best, now. It's called "It's All Good". The best coffee, friends, and atmosphere I've ever had.

anne said...

They aren't getting new far as I know, they are just reprogramming the current ones.
I definately think Starbucks is a taste you either love or hate, and I happen to love it. Must be that addictive pill they slipped me during my initial training.
I am so with you on local shops...especially in the area you live, but here there is NOTHING. I tried one place and it was in a horrible location and it was bad, bad bad....I think they had no idea what they were doing.
Anyway, I like that name, "It's all Good."

Anonymous said...

I hate to say "I told ya so".....actually, I'm going to enjoy saying this cuz I love being right.
I TOLD YA SO! I just got the official report from my sister, who, just minutes ago, left the official starbucks meeting. For a full report on the details of the new rules, I'm going to make you visit MY blog:

But there will be NO old fashioned espresso making. The only difference with that is they have to make 2 shots at a time instead of just 1, which a lot of them have already been doing for some time.

Michele said...

Don't know much about all these details. Just know I love Starbuck's. Just started going about the last year or so but only, maybe, 2 times a month!