Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh the romance.
I have never wanted my husband to be overly romantic and Justin isn't. He makes up for his lack of romance skills with his good looks and funny antics. We make up for our lack of romantic gifts to one another by giving each other practical that's love.
In the signing of our mortgage last year we missed a form and the lawyers office had called Justin to set up a time when someone could stop by to get our John Hancocks. This week a girl from the office called to see if she could stop by on Thursday. In the midst of the conversation she realized it was Valentine's Day and asked if she should come Friday instead. Justin responded;
"Oh, it's fine...we have kids."


Anonymous said...

I like Justin's response. I don't feel like we're overly romantic either. Josh is very thoughtful all the time, but neither of us are "mushy." Mainly we just talk to each other ALL the time. Josh is really a great talker and listener for a guy. Although there are times he starts to glaze over. :) We just love hangin' out with each other.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahah!! That is awesome!! I love it!

Craig & Robyn said...

He he he....sounds like something I would say!!!

Zoe said...

Crack me up!