Friday, May 30, 2008

Can I get a yikesa?!

(image: Lex. -Fayette Urban Country Government webpage)

6:30 this morning I was awakened by the sound of a large truck.
I quickly remembered we forgot to take out the garbage. Again.
I looked out the window to see what truck it was and it was the recycling truck.
Eh. Not worth it. We still had room to squish boxes in our can. The thing is huge.
I checked everyone else's cans to see if the garbage truck had been by.
It seemed like it had. Their bins were not right next to the curb so it appeared I had missed the truck.
I went back to bed fretting about where we were going to put our garbage until next Friday since our can was full and I didn't want to have stinky trash in our garage. I also wondered how we were so bad about remembering that Friday is garbage day, because seeing everyone else's garbage cans out is apparently not a good enough indication for us.
Can you believe I spent ten minutes thinking about this?!
Anyway, I fell back asleep.
Around 7:30 am I was awakened again, looked out and indeed it was the garbage truck.
I quickly scurried out the door and ushered "Herbie" (yes, our city names our receptacles) down to the curb. As I headed back up I noticed a neighbor outside, some lawn care people taking care of a neighbors lawn, and of course the garbage men themselves who were present all looking at me. Disheveled hair and pajamas. A nice look. In my defense, I wear cute pajamas to bed, no moo-moos or baggy T's. I like to go to bed in style.
Anyway, I didn't care.
I got my garbage to the curb and didn't have to worry about a stinky garage the rest of the week.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Megan said...

i actually had the SAME experience yesterday- outside taking last-minute trash out to avoid the stink of my forgetfullness filling the garage for another week.

isn't that bag great? you can totally get it wet, for the beach like it's intended, or if a water bottle leaks in it, it's ok, and yet from a distance it looks really cool! i'm glad you snagged the last one!

Dad said...

Are there not two adult men living there?

Anonymous said...

Haha that is funny. Reminds me of my story of chasing the garbage man down the alley with my green dumpster thing!

So what kind of pj's are you wearing to bed, exactly, if they're not typical? hmm...