Monday, May 05, 2008

Last week.

Last week was a doozy.
As Sunday came to a close and Monday arrived it all went downhill...and fast.

Monday we bought a (GASP!) van. Typing that word makes me crazy, I can't believe I actually own one. Our SUV got ok gas mileage, but we decided we needed a bigger car. Last Christmas after we came home, we were literally packed in so tight, the kids were surronded by stuff and it was a loooooong trip home. We didn't want to get a monster SUV because we'd probably have to sell our house to put gas in it, so the van it became.
More to come on that, I mean awesome purchase.

Tuesday Max and Justin were playing the house. Not a practice I normally allow but they were having a blast. Soon enough the ball goes flying and knocks one of my tall stemmed votive holders off the entertainment center. Shatters everywhere.

For some reason, Wednesday I let Evan run around with this vase (not glass but a small metal one...or so I thought) and then of course he tripped and let it fly and we found out it was ceramic painted stainless steel.
Thursday both kids decided to rise with sun, were crabs all day and my dishwasher broke. On the plus side, washing dishes is something I actually enjoy...for a little while.
Justin usually has Fridays off, but of course in the history of worst weeks ever he didn't have this one off. So much for my grand plans to make a trip up to our new IKEA. I spent a good portion of the day cleaning the kitchen floors after Evan spilled cereal everywhere after successfully knocking out a good portion of food out of the pantry. I go to use the bathroom for under a minute and somehow this kid manages to renovate our kitchen!

At the grocery store last week I saw a new mom with her newborn and reflected on how much easier it was with just one. I was also thankful though, to have two boys close in age who (for the most part) love each other and get along great.
Sometimes we get in these seasons where nothing seems to go our way, where it seems everything and everyone is against you. Again though, God uses these times to draw me closer to him. I am so thankful to know, love and have an intimate relationship with a Savior who longs for me to know him, to glorify him, to enjoy him more than anything.


Connie said...

I remember our first Mini Van!!! I swore I would never drive one and now I have had 2. I have since learned to embrace (what we now call) "The Ghetto Cruiser". Oh well, it gets us from 1 place to another.
I believe my next vehicle will be a car!!!! One day you will grow out of a Mini Van.
Connie (Justin's favorite cousin;)

Dad said...

At least it's a "mini" van not a full size.

Kim said...

Oh, I love my minivan! It is wonderful. I promise you will come to love yours too, if for no other reason than the gas tank.

Sorry your week was a doozy, at least it is now behind you:)

Zoe said...

Don't worry all us young moms will be driving the mini van soon! Chris and I are thinking of it...

You have an IKEA!!! I am so there!