Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm usually not to big on kids CD's, pretty cheesy and annoying. While at first listen this CD seems pretty irritating with little kids singing along with an adult leader, as I listened closer to the words, I was hooked. There is SO MUCH TRASH music out there, and while we don't exclusively listen to "christian" music we are more carefully guarding what we DO listen to. This CD is a great way to teach kids about Jesus and how we should long to live like him. These lyrics really ring so true, even for me and I've found myself reflecting on them this week, and to wait on God instead of just plowing forward on my own.

"Loving’s harder than it seems
Show me, Lord, what patience means

Wait, wait, gotta wait, wait, gotta wait
When it’s hard to, but You say to
Wait, wait, gotta wait, wait, gotta wait
For the right time, Your time, not mine
Wait, wait, gotta wait, wait, gotta wait
For my brothers, sisters, and others
Wait, wait, gotta wait, wait, gotta wait
‘Cause I want to be more like You
Jesus, You will always be
Patient, gently teaching me
I see in You what I want to be."



Alison said...

Thanks for the rec Anne! I love getting some good music, especially since Ava thinks that the Beatles sing lullabies (because Daddy sings their songs to her before bed) and Another One Bites the Dust is a kid's dance song. lol

Chad said...

yeah, got to love it.

Danielle said...

I'm loving this CD too! I like it a lot better than their previous kids CDs (the Awesome God ones). I was hooked right away! I'd have to say this is one of my favorite kids albums right now, along with Seeds of Faith

Bethany said...

My kids are singing sings from this in choir. I love the peace song

Ashleigh said...

Anne, we have this CD and love it too!

Danielle, we are listening to Seeds of Faith as I type this. I love that it is Scripture put to music.