Thursday, February 04, 2010

can I be good at SOMETHING?!!
Adorable right?
Looking amazingly scrumptious?
I'm telling you Bakerella is one talented lady.

Like Martha Stewart talented.
Sometimes I think I'm Martha.
But, I'm nowhere close.
{along with the fact that I have no staff}
Anyway. I decided to try and take a crack at the cake pops Bakerella has so beautifully featured.
Looked easy enough.
Here is how mine turned out...

{at least they tasted good...I think}
I think first of all I made my cake pops a little too large.
My chocolate adding technique needs so SERIOUS help.
I was pretty disappointed in how LAME mine turned out.
It was a process just to get them to stick on the stick!!!
They pretty much looked like the 47 Christmas ornaments Justin has from his younger years of a clay ball on the end of a popcicle stick.
L-A-M-E and ugly. {no offense to your lovely ornaments Justin}
So I was bummed...and who knows if I will give these a go again.
I want YOU to though, and I want to see how AWESOME and incredible yours turn out...because you can't really do any worse than my 1st grade level ones.
Happy {almost} weekend!
I'm out for the weekend in MINNEAPOLIS while Justin stays home with the boys.WOOT!
Pray for his sanity.
{HEY, I'm giving in to his begging for a it's a good deal for him}


Danielle said...

I'm sorry but I can't tell what's wrong with yours. It looks cute. It looks tasty. I'd eat it! :)

Megan said...

yours was gianormous. but it still looked good. hope you have a great time! seeing family, right? have a safe trip! (it's icy) :)


Ashleigh said...

I'm with Danielle, it looks good to me! Have fun this weekend. :)

Bethany said...

Yours look great to me. Most important is that I am sure they tasted great.

I love her stuff. I have had the Hello Kitty ones tagged in my bookmarks for awhile....hoping for the day that Adelee requests a Hello Kitty Party. Which I am sure will happen this year or next since she is pretty much Hello Kitty Crazy. HEE HEE. My sister made some of the snowmen one and Cows for Her Daughters birthday at Chick fil a

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