Friday, February 26, 2010

ready for the weekend.

To wrap up this week:
newyear2010! 030
Evan slammed the toilet seat down on his P again...and being the awesome Mom I am I couldn't help but laugh as I consoled him. He's done it TWICE now!

Liam has mastered the one handed sippy cup drinking technique.

Max had ANOTHER snow day. He also got 105% on his first ever spelling test! WOOT!
I cooked a couple of really fun and quite tasty meals this week.
One was Chicken Pozole which is an awesome and healthy meal.
Thanks to my soon to be sister-in-law for hooking me up with Simply Recipes.
I LOVE to cook, and hope I can develop my cooking skills even more this year.

Justin is LOVING his new{ish} position, and so, we will be in sexy Lexvegas a bit longer.
{which we both are happy about...have I mentioned our ROCKIN' church body ?! }

And....last but not least. I'm sitting at a stoplight this morning{belting out some My Morning Jacket...I've given up on caring if people think I'm weird} , after a quick run to the ole' Tar-jay and I hear a honk next to me.
The woman in the passanger seat signals for me to roll down my window.
"Do you know where the nearest Starbucks is?" asks the driver.
"Oh sure," I'm tempted to reply I know where EVERY Starbucks within a hundred mile radius is, so if they will need another soon I'm their gal. "it's blah, blah...."
"Thank you!!!"
And I roll up my window, and their signal to turn left turns green.
As soon as they turn off, I realize that the two SURE looked like Usher and his Mom.
AND there was an adult in the backseat who COULD BE a bodyguard.
You DO NOT EVEN KNOW how tempted I was to go to that Starbucks and see if it really was him.
Seriously unless it was Bradley Cooper{i love the guy} I would NOT EVEN recognize a celebrity if I had a ten minute conversation with him/her.
So if anyone out there knows if USHER was passing through Lexvegas this weekend, {or if you are reading this USHER...e-mail me} ha! Of course then again, maybe I don't want to know. Because I'll be disappointed if I'm wrong, and if I was right, I'd be disappointed I didn't get a picture.

Happy WEEKEND everybody!


Megan said...

i love bradley cooper. and usher is such a blast from my 90's past. :)

Annika said...

1) Bradley Cooper, yes. Loved him since his Alias days
2) "Do not make any provision for the flesh, Usher or no Usher." Roman 13: 14. Just kidding. But seriously, how are you doing with the no SB? I'm doing a LOT better. Had a few rough days :) but generally it's going well!!