Thursday, February 18, 2010


For this season of lent, I am doing the unthinkable.

Giving up STARBUCKS.

It started of as a passing thought when I commented on Annika's facebook post.
Later I received a message from Annika talking further on the subject.
I knew I had to do it.
Like Annika, Starbucks had become a "my time" thing.
It was a stress reliever, my time of day to just relax and let it all go while sipping my latte.
Years ago, when I worked at Starbucks, at a time when it was all you could drink, it was an innocent addiction. That was when the addiction was free.
Sure it was still innocent enough when I would go to Starbucks once a week, but it has gotten to a point that it is an automatic stop whenever we leave the house.
Furthermore, and I would like to quote Annika here, and I hope she doesn't mind that;
"I think, also, that we need to think of it as 'Is God more important to me than my runs to Starbucks? Could I let this go if God asked me to?' And as much as I want to say...'But it's just coffee!' I find that my initial response was, 'Oooh, it would be REALLY hard for me to give that up.' Even for JESUS, for crying out loud?"

hhhhhmmmmmmmm...yeah. Her message to me was like she was reading my mind. So I knew it had to be done. As much as I didn't want it to be, and as much feet stomping and groaning that accompanied my decision I know that it is the right one. My bank account {and husband} are already thanking me.

So Tuesday, as I spent the remainder of the gift card Megan had so generously sent me, {and yes I thought of you, thank you!} I unknowingly sipped my last Starbucks non-fat latte until April.
If I would have known it was my last, I probably would have gone back two more times that day.
For now though, I'm happily making good coffee at home, I have a great little frother that does a great job, and plenty of non-fat milk.
I wanted to make changes for the better in 2010. To strive to be MORE Christ like.
And while this may seem small, for me, it is a BIG start.


Danielle said...

That's awesome Anne! Thanks for sharing. It is a big thing!

Megan said...

you know, we drink starbucks at home, and when you take in your empty coffee bag, you get a free brewed coffee, which is all i want anyway, so...i have this nice deal going. about every 1 1/2 weeks we empty a bag, i stash them in my purse, and every other week my kids and i go to the "nice" target, which has a starbucks attached, we leisurely shop for nothing, then end it with 4 kids' hot chocolates and a free brewed coffee for me, in which i lavish the free half and half. it works well for us :)

i USED to go through the drivethrough all the time in the city previous to this one, though, and i had to stop. too easy to do. now, if i got a pricey starbucks via the drivethrough , my kids would all freak out for not getting anything.

i wrote a lot.

Sarah said...

very cool, anne. i love outward signs of inner workings....good luck with this!!

Danielle said...

Megan, didn't know about the coffee bag deal, cool! And yeah, my kids freak out if they don't get a drink too. They've been doing that since about 18 mo! :) Did you know they'll give you free whipped cream in a cup with a spoon for your kids? We usually do that.

Anonymous said...

It is in those little decisions that we move more towards Christ or away. This makes my heart sing! Love you, Mom